There is a New Sheriff in Town!

Within the last year, there is new leadership at the North Carolina Industrial Commission (NCIC).  The new Chairman has been tasked with the responsibility and funded to increase compliance with the statutory mandate to purchase Workers’ Compensation insurance.  The Compliance and Fraud Investigative unit at NCIC has substantially increased their staff, and new intelligent software

Top 10 Reasons Why You Should Attend the Young Agents Conference

10. Meet fellow Young Agents from across the Carolinas 9. Leave your business suit at home… and bring your bathing suit instead! 8. A free Friday afternoon will give you the chance to enjoy all that Myrtle Beach has to offer! 7. Learn from informative sessions… AT THE BEACH! 6. Network with company representatives in

Scanning: Which Method is Best For Your Agency?

Scanning has been a hot topic during many of my recent agency visits.  Many agencies are reviewing their current scanning procedures while others are just beginning to examine the scanning process.  Over the years, three major scanning workflows have developed for acquiring documents into our management systems.  Many agencies want to know which method is

Just a Reminder from Your Friends at DMV

We have received a report from a member agent that probably deserves a reminder and word of caution. Our agent had a Private Passenger Auto policyholder that called the agency more than a year ago to delete an auto from the policy.  The agent advised the policyholder to turn the license plate in simultaneous with

NetVu 2014 Update

Hats off to the NetVu staff for another exciting convention and educational event!  From the moment you walked in the door you could feel the excitement.  People were mingling in the halls, conversing about insurance technology and reuniting with friends from around the country.  Below are my thoughts on the top seven events and experiences

Top 10 Reasons Why YOU Should Attend the Freedom Campaign Road Show

In just a couple of weeks, a team from IIANC will be traveling throughout North Carolina promoting the brand new Freedom Campaign.  Stops in Wilmington, Greenville, Cary, Greensboro and Asheville will give you the chance to learn more about this exciting, new initiative and how it can benefit YOUR agency.  Here are a few great

What Does the North Carolina Department of Insurance Require If I Charge Fees In My Agency?

Many insurance agencies in North Carolina charge fees for various transactions such as: payment, policy, cancellation or reinstatements. According to the North Carolina Statutory Authority G.S. 58-2-40; 58-2-195; 58-33-85(b); Effective February 1, 1993; Amended Effective February 1, 1996 the following are the items your agency must perform to be in compliance. First, you should have

Seven Effective Ways to Increase Retention

1. Communicate with your clients – Communicate, communicate, communicate! Yes, your clients want and need communication on many levels.  With the continued move to mobility, our clients can receive emails, texts and phone calls on their mobile devices, allowing communication access on their terms.  Today, many people feel they are just another number in the

The Case of the Difficult Customer

A Guest Post By: Cheryl Koch, a featured speaker at InsurEXPO14!         We have a long-held belief in our firm that a bad account is a bad account is a bad account for an insurance agency.  Exactly what do we mean by that?  Simply that if you have a client that has

What’s Your Growth Plan and Budget?

A Guest Post By: Roger Sitkins, Chairman & Founder of Sitkins International and Keynote Speaker at InsurEXPO14!         There’s no doubt in my mind that every agency owner wants their company to grow. Also, with the exception of a few Retired-In-Place producers, I think that most producers want to grow, as well.