Project CAP: Driving Customers to Your Door


Project CAP. Have you heard the name? Do you know what it is and why as a member of the Independent Insurance Agents of NC you should get involved?

Before I explain, please let me ask you a few questions:

Have you done an Internet search on “auto insurance” or “homeowners insurance” lately? Who do consumers see on the first page of the search? I’ll give you a few hints:

professor burke v2 Flo_from_Progressive_Insurance allstate usaa geico-gecko1

What they don’t often see is:

TC logo_no tagline_web-small

We need to solve this problem, and the best way to do that is to combine efforts with the thousands of other Big “I” agents around the country!

Project CAP is a collaborative effort of IIABA, IIANC and insurance companies to recapture the Personal Lines market share for the Independent Agents through digital marketing – connecting Internet searching consumers to YOU. It allows consumers to shop online, then buy from a local agent.

First, with an all new, consumers can find YOU when looking for an Independent Agent. “They can do that now” you might say. Well, yes they can but what they get is very little information about who you are. Remember, we are a relationship business – right? By completing your Enhanced Agency Profile at, a consumer can get to know more about you and your agency – what sets you apart from others. You can even add a short video clip – if you are so inclined. We have compiled a checklist of information needed to complete your profile.  Download the checklist now to begin gathering the info for your profile.

Next is the Consumer Portal section of Project CAP. This will allow leads to be sent to you from consumers who are doing internet searches for their personal lines. And yes, there is a small fee per lead, but they are exclusive to your agency only. Eventually comparative rating will be available that will gather additional information. We are not quite there yet, but why wait? Join the solution to help Independent Insurance Agents like yourself recapture Personal Lines Marketing share!

Even if you decide not to go to the next step, please complete your Enhanced Agency Profile. This is a member benefit so there is no charge for the agency profile! It’s just a valuable marketing tool to let prospects find your agency and drive customers to your door!

Fore more information, Attend a training webinar on Tuesday, June 25th to see how to get your agency set up for the launch of the new and Consumer Portal. If you cannot attend, contact Project CAP for a transcript.

Additional information can be found at or contact me at or 888-275-8912.