The Human Side of E&O Risk Management

As I prepare for agency visits, my thought process goes to E&O Risk Management Resources.  In reviewing the E&O happens website at I find an interesting publication called:  “Swiss Re Corporate Solutions:  Attorney Survey of Agents E&O Litigation”  Someone obviously had a sense of humor when they put this together ~ it gives insight into the minds of the E&O Defense Counsel ~ the first section is about getting to know them ~ their greatest strengths, what makes them smile and what profession they would be if not an attorney – this may surprise you.   (We are a relationship business ~ right!?)  But on a more serious note, this publication offers guidance – some we discuss in our E&O Loss Control classes, but others, not so much.

Here is the list of topics covered in this 24 page publication:

1)      Common Allegations

2)      Things to Remember when Claims Occur

3)      Most Common Agent Errors Attorneys See

4)      Preventing E&O Claims

5)      Prevailing When it Happens to You

6)      What’s Exposing Your Agency?

7)      What’s in your File – Good Documentation?

8)      Naughty or Nice:  Checklists

9)      Lessons Learned:  Cases with Happy Endings

10)   Preparing and Participating in Depositions

11)   Preparing and Participating in Mediations

12)   Emotions During the E&O Claims Process

13)   It Takes Time to Make a Claim Go Right

14)   What Should You Be Looking For In a Claims Department

E&O claims do happen – an error, an omission or just because the insured made a decision that comes back to bite them.     This is a good read for all agency staff.   If we write your E&O insurance, you can download this publication by going to:     If we don’t, just give us an opportunity to quote your insurance by providing a completed copy of your current carrier’s application and we’ll provide a copy of this publication.