Top 10 Mobile Applications for Agents

iStock_000012645257XSmallWith an abundance of mobile applications on the market for both your iPhone and Android devices, we should take a quick look at some of the top mobile applications insurance agents are using in the field.  These applications provide the ability to link with your management system, gather information on property value, sign documents electronically, and many other exciting options.  Listed below are the top mobile apps we have seen agents and producers using in the field.

1.  Management Systems Apps – Today, many management systems provide mobile applications for integration with their products.  Applied, Vertafore, and others have published mobile applications allowing the producer to gather information from the management system while on the road. Most of these apps also allow the producer to create daily schedules using the GPS mapping technology.  Ever arrived back at the office after an appointment and later found out you could have visited another potential client just down the street had you known their address?  Now with this technology, you can see the mapping of clients and prospects in your system and make better use of your time.  Cost: Contact Management System Vendor.


2. DocuSign – Gives you the ability to select and send documents to clients for their signature from your mobile device.  You can also sign documents and send them to the appropriate party.  Eliminates the need to mail, print or fax documents for signatures. Cost: Free (To create documents for signature you will need a contract with DocuSign.)

3. Evernote –  Wonderful app for note taking and keeping up with your ideas and pictures. All of your notes are searchable for easier retrieval.  Another feature of this app is the ability to create “To Do” lists.  Cost: Depends on account size

4. Dragon Dictation – This app allows you to speak and see your text on the mobile device.  Great app for taking notes or sending emails.  Imagine driving down the road talking hands free while your app, using voice-to-text, creates your account visit notes.  Cost: Free

5. GoToMeeting – Great for producers or agents in the field.  This app allows you to collaborate with underwriters, office staff, or others.  You can launch or attend a meeting from almost anywhere.  Cost: Free.

6. Dropbox – A cloud-based file sharing system that allows you to save photos, documents, and videos for access anywhere. Now you can have your documents available at your fingertips.  Cost:  Free (For up to 2GB of space.)


7. Acord One – Gives the producer the ability to complete the most used ACORD forms from their mobile device.  You can even sign the forms using the touch screen then save and email the completed form.  Cost: Free (Must be a user of Cap Dat ACORD)  

8. CamScanner – Turns any smartphone into a scanner, allowing you to gather data at the source.  Great for integration with document management systems. Cost: Free (or $4.99 for the Pro version)

9.  Zillow – Great app for gathering information on home property data.  It shows estimated home values, photos, and property values and other home-related details.  This is great for personal lines producers reviewing property values.  Cost: Free

10.  Connectmogul –  Create, combine and communicate with your customers and prospects by text messaging.  Also keeps track of all text messaging both incoming and outgoing. Cost: $99 per month. 

Mobile applications are created everyday and new ideas are formed to help us with our day to day business.  What are your favorite or most useful apps? Leave a comment and let us know what apps your agency is using.

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