NetVu 2014 Update

Hats off to the NetVu staff for another exciting convention and educational event!  From the moment you walked in the door you could feel the excitement.  People were mingling in the halls, conversing about insurance technology and reuniting with friends from around the country.  Below are my thoughts on the top seven events and experiences of the convention.


1.  Vertafore and StoneRiver National Flood Services Making Selling Flood Insurance Easier –  This partnership integrates PL Rating and the NFS flood selling platform to make it easier for agents to quote flood insurance for homeowners.  It gives agents the ability to provide a flood quote on all homeowner policies without re-keying information provided in the homeowner quote.

2. Vertafore Agency Platform – Vertafore continues to focus on last year’s announcement of the Vertafore Agency Platform, bringing together their best products to provide the capabilities each agency needs to complete their day to day tasks.  Vertafore provides smartflows, client portals, dynamic reports, single sign-on, dashboards and mobile access to further help agencies keep up with today’s tech savvy clients.

3. Introduction of Alex Lintner, CEO of Vertafore – Alex brings a refreshing new feel to the Vertafore family.  His delivery of hands-on demonstrations of Vertafore products and his commitment to deliver product updates was well-received by the audience.  In his prior position as President of Intuit’s Global Business Division, he led Intuit to improved performance and market position.

4. Mark Craig and Doug Mohr– These gentlemen challenged Alex Lintner for the best live demonstration during the convention!  I’m not sure if a winner was ever announced, but Mark and Doug did an excellent job showing the power of the Vertafore Agency Platform.

5. Networking – This is one of the major networking events in the insurance industry.  It was great to see carriers, vendors, and agents coming together to share ideas and working to make our industry the best it can be.

6. Fun – No convention would be complete without a little fun!  From seeing Bruce Winterburn in his cowboy hat preparing for a night at the Wildhorse Saloon, to watching the NetVu Board of Directors perform the electric slide, everyone seemed have fun letting loose.

7. Education – Classes were full of agents taking in all of the educational information delivered during the three day convention.  From attending the sessions for agency principals, AMS360, Sagitta, or other educational events, everyone left with new knowledge to bring back to their home office.


Also, I would be remiss if I did not say a heart-felt thank you to the staff in the “how-to room.”  They did a great job of answering customer questions on the fly and providing helpful solutions to issues that agents are facing every day!

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