5000 Websites: What Have We Learned?

ITCI just completed a very informative webinar with Laird Rixford, President of ITC. ITC partners with IIANC to help agents create effective websites and manage their digital presence. Laird spoke on the evolution of website development. Over the years, websites have evolved from a static brochure to a dynamic information gathering process.  During the webinar, Laird discussed the major changes in website development and what successful websites have in common. He reviewed four major areas: Know Your Audience, Answer Their Questions, Provide Value and Use Automation.

Know Your Audience

Take time to evaluate the type of customer your agency is seeking. Are you going after high end personal lines clients? If so, your website should be focused to that particular clientele. Maybe your agency specializes in the construction industry.  If that is the case, make sure your website is focused on construction-related risks. Agencies that focus on multiple markets should develop landing pages for each market. These pages should include information pertaining to that specific niche regarding potential risks and recommended coverage.

Answer Their Questions

As search engines become more advanced, they are now looking for questions from clients instead of keywords. Internet users might type in “Why do I need higher liability limits on my automobile policy?” Search engines will now look for a local response to that question and return the best results. So, building blogs and landing pages that answer specific questions can help improve your search ranking and give the client exactly what they are trying to find. Make sure you include a “call to action” on each landing page so you can gather the prospect’s information.

Provide Value

Give additional value on your website. Use social media, digital marketing and blogs to provide information regarding local issues, insurance topics, risk prevention and storm tracking. You might even work with your local Chamber to provide links to other businesses.

Use Automation

If possible, integrate your agency management system with your website. Some management systems integrate with your website and provide the ability to add names to your mailing list. They also make it possible for the client to request an endorsement, cancellation, auto ID card, certificate and other insurance services. Digital marketing systems will help you to engage your clients on a regular basis and provide the ability to gather information using surveys. By gathering information from your clients, you can develop new processes to better serve them.

Additionally, when a client requests an online quote, they should get an immediate response by email acknowledging their request. Responding quickly helps to prevent the potential client from going to other sites for a quote. Automate this process so that each quote from a prospect receives an automatic email response thanking them for the opportunity to quote their business and giving them a notice of when they should receive the information they requested.


With over 5000 insurance websites published, Laird provides informative information on what an effective website should contain. So, during your next in-office lunch take about forty-five minutes and watch this webinar.  We feel it will be worth your time.

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