Trusted Choice Logo or Independent Insurance Agents Logo?

TC-horizontal logo-black + blueAre you taking advantage of the Trusted Choice logo or are you still using the Independent Insurance Agents logo?  In my travels all over North Carolina, I still see many agencies advertising and using the old red/black, oval Independents Insurance Agents logo.  While I understand that logo has been a big part of our growth and history, the decision to switch to the Trusted Choice logo was made years ago, and it’s time for everyone to get on board!

First, a little history… If you are 37 years old or younger, you have always lived in a time that had personal computers and microwave ovens. At age 24 or younger, you have lived in the “Internet” age. So… what does this have to do with our logo? Plenty! These generations are the insurance buyers of today and the future! And what do most of them have in common? They do not know or recognize the old Independent Insurance Agents logo! Most don’t know the difference between a direct writer or independent insurance agent, and most cannot name an independent carrier! Surprising? Not really! We have not done a great job of advertising and selling our brand. We have used old advertising mediums in the past, and we now need to be utilizing the internet and social media to promote Trusted Choice Independent Insurance Agents! But most of all, we all need to be on the same page promoting the Trusted Choice logo.

Before the decision was made to use the Trusted Choice logo, a study revealed that the vast majority of the people surveyed did not recognize the IIA Logo, and they in fact preferred the Trusted Choice logo. Our current Freedom Campaign is promoting the Trusted Choice brand both nationally and locally. Trusted Choice agents offer better service, multiple companies to meet insurance needs and are more competitive than direct writers!  By utilizing the Trusted Choice logo, you are identified as a Trusted Choice agent and are benefiting from the advertising your association is doing on your behalf. You are building the brand and will have more opportunities to quote and write new business!

There are several Trusted Choice logos to choose from: some even include “Independent Insurance Agent” within the logo. So, step up and join forces with IIABA and IIANC to promote your Trusted Choice agency!

**And as an added bonus, money is available through the Marketing Reimbursement Program when you co-brand with the Trusted Choice logo on your business cards, stationary, signage, brochures, website, promo items, advertising and more. Each member location can receive up to $500 back just for adding the Trusted Choice logo to those aforementioned items! And even more money back is available when you advertise with the Freedom Campaign ads. Learn more here.


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