How to Improve Local Search

If you have not noticed, local search has become the dominant way search engines are displaying search results.  One of the main reasons for this approach is the massive amount of smartphones and tablets that are being used by consumers for on-demand searching.  Just take a moment and think about how we find information.

Today, if we are looking for a local restaurant, we speak into our mobile device, and it responds with the local results that are found.  Consumers looking for insurance use these devices to find local agents.  Therefore, if you are not working on your agency’s local search… you might not be found.

Improving your agency’s local search is important to help consumers find your agency and increase your new business leads.  Here are a few tips on helping your agency improve local search:

  1. Set up a Google+ Account – Of course Google is first; they are the dominant force in consumer search. Having a Google+ account is important to improving your local ranking with Google. Once you have your account set up, add a link from your website and ask clients to follow your agency on Google+.  Next, engage your customers using Google Circles, which allows you to fine-tune your message to personal lines clients, commercial clients, and life and health clients.
  1. Name, Address and Phone Consistency – Consistency with your agency name and contact information is important for all of the search engines. Most issues with names center around the way we input the name (i.e. ABC Insurance, ABC Insurance Agency, or ABC Insurance Agency, LLC). Verify that your address and phone number are always the same. One idea is to keep an Excel file with all of your digital marketing and social media listings and the agency name, address, and phone number to make sure they are all consistent.
  1. Create & Claim Local Listings on Other Digital Marketing Sites – Claiming your listing on the major digital marketing sites is crucial. Yelp, Manta, Yahoo are some of the major listings where you can start your digital presence. Again, make sure you are consistent with your listings of your name, address and phone number.
  1. Review – As part of the original ProjectCAP and now program, a new resource for agents was recently announced, Agency Nation provides independent agents with helpful information on social media, SEO, and digital marketing.
  1. Optimize Social Media – Optimizing social media is similar to updating your digital marketing sites. As we have mentioned, you need to make sure your agency name, address, and phone number are consistent.  You should make regular posts to each account at least three times a week.  These posts should be focused on local issues as well as informative information to assist your clients.  Some of the top agencies make posts about their civic involvement, as well as ideas on how clients can protect their property and families.
  1. Reviews – This is one of the most important aspects of improving local search rankings. Your agency should have a plan for increasing the number of reviews on different sites on a regular basis.

As you fine tune your local search, you should notice an increase in potential customers, social media engagement, and improved rankings.  Go Local!


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