Hire a New Employee for Your Agency!

Spring has officially sprung! Now is the best time to start thinking about new opportunities.

I often hear from our member agents that it’s difficult for them to find quality individuals to meet their staffing needs… Or that many companies have numerous opportunities to hire students who have an interest in the insurance industry.

We recently had the opportunity to meet and interview students currently attending several of our state universities’ Risk Management and Insurance Programs. There are MANY students looking for summer internships and full-time positions after they graduate this year in both May and December.

Did you know that IIANC has collected resumes from a number of these students? It’s true! Please let us know if you would like additional information regarding these interested students.

Unsure on how to set up an internship? Look no further. There are two guides that you might find useful:

Click here to access the guide from Appalachian State University

Click here to access the guide from InVest

Don’t miss out on this opportunity to hire a quality student! It’s a win-win!