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Introducing Heritage Insurance to the NC Agent Community

As part of the IIANC PARTNERS program, our Presidential PARTNERS are able to submit a guest blog posting to our blog, Insurspective. Please see below from IIANC Presidential PARTNER Heritage Insurance.   Earlier this year, Heritage Property & Casualty Insurance Company began writing insurance in North Carolina. The Florida based company is writing a full

Coverage Alert: Changes to Water Back-Up & Sewer Discharge Endorsement

The latest endorsement to provide coverage for water backup and sewer discharge coverage under the Homeowners program has changed.  The 06 12 revisions of the HO 04 84 have been modified and coverage has been reduced.  The new endorsement has the word “Limited” in the title of the endorsement which the previous endorsements did not. 

Recurring Hot Insurance Topics: Auto Policies & Condos

This is my first shot at blogging. I am probably more comfortable bloviating than I am blogging. However, there are a number of technical insurance issues that have cropped up over the last several months that I would serve up for comment or discussion. The first is the question of ownership of the autos that