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Replacement Cost Issues

In a previous blog, we discussed the concepts of Actual Cash Value (ACV) and Replacement Costs (RC).  While the concepts are somewhat straight forward, their application to actual losses continue to have issues. In an ACV settlement, determining RC is relatively straight forward.  Regardless of the age or condition of the damaged property, find a

Dying Changes Everything: Brian’s Story

The following piece was written by Tammy Garlock, a woman who suffered the loss of her son, Brian, in 2008 due to distracted driving. Tammy has made it her mission to travel around the country and share Brian’s story, to hopefully urge people to stop this awful problem. I’ve met Tammy, and I’ve heard her

Are You a “Rocky I” or “Rocky III” Agency?

The Nation Elevate Conference was recently held in New Orleans, LA.  There were 18 agents from North Carolina in attendance – a great showing!  Elevate is an annual conference put on by Agency Nation that attracts many agents who are thinking about how to do business in a new way.  The topics and speakers

Consumers Expectations Fuel Growth of InsurTech Across Agencies & Brokers

The following post is written by ePayPolicy, one of IIANC’s newest solution provider that enables agents and brokers to accept credit card and ACH payments online, while also allowing the transaction fees to be covered by the payer. If you’ve noticed a huge surge in automated insurance solutions, you’re absolutely right. Driven by today’s tech-savvy

Why I Support Passage of a Hands-Free Law for North Carolina

By: NC Rep. Kevin Corbin (R – Macon) Rep. Kevin Corbin owns The Corbin Agency in Franklin, North Carolina, and Blue Ridge Insurance Group in Seneca, SC. Kevin’s wife, Beth, is active the management of the agencies. He is in his second term in the NC House representing the people of District 120, which includes

An Important Event

I had originally planned to follow up my last blog on valuation with some additional thoughts.  However, on March 5, there was an important event.  IIANC provided another excellent E&O Symposium which addressed several very important subjects, one of which was workers’ compensation. Over the last few years, I have received many phone calls from

Internships: A Win-Win Solution

Last week, I attended the RMI Career Fair at UNC-Charlotte to promote summer internships and job openings with our member agencies. I have attended these Career Fairs many times over the last few years – at Appalachian State University, East Carolina University and UNC-Charlotte – and am always impressed with the students in attendance. They

Are You a Professional?

I have worked in the Insurance industry my entire adult life.  I was taught at a young age the importance of education and professional development.  Insurance agents are not always viewed as professionals such as your CPA or attorney.  Why?  I have never understood this. What we do as insurance agents is incredibly powerful.  We

Recurring Issues… (Part 2)

In the previous blog, we discussed the values more commonly understood by property owners.  So, now we must discuss the values more commonly used in property insurance policies and why they differ from the values with which property owners are more familiar. So, what values are more relevant for insurance purposes? A fundamental purpose of

Tech Tips: Create a Strong Password Program for Your Agency

Tech Tips is a regular feature on our blog, courtesy of IIANC Technology Consultant, George Robertson, CISR. George has more than 25 years of experience in the insurance and technology industry, with 12 of those being a fellow independent agency owner. If there is one single thing any agency can do to better safeguard their data,