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Two New Crime Insurance Endorsements of Note

Internet crime is not just about data breach losses. While data breach losses are significant and can result in considerable financial damage to businesses and individuals, the internet can be used to commit old fashioned crimes such as the theft of money. Two new ISO Crime Insurance endorsements became available in November of 2015 of

Some Workers’ Compensation Relief – HB765 Signed Into Law

An omnibus regulatory reform bill (HB 765) was signed into law by Governor McCrory on Oct. 22, 2015 and is now effective.  It contains a provision which addresses a problem with workers’ compensation that has emerged over the last couple of years. The existing provision of the Workers’ Compensation Act of North Carolina (the Act)

Further Erosion in the Host Liquor Liability Coverage

The Commercial General Liability (CGL) policy provides an exclusion for commercial operations involving various aspects of the distribution of alcoholic beverages.  The exclusion is muted to some degree by a caveat restricting the exclusion to named insureds that are “in the business of” distributing alcoholic beverages (adult beverages).  This caveat to the exclusion is often

Google Makes a Change in Local Search

7-Pack turns to a 3-Pack When performing a local search, Google used to display seven local businesses, now only three are displayed.  Consumers have the ability to select more local listings than the original seven by clicking on the icon at the bottom left of the screen. By reducing the 7-Pack down to a 3-Pack, this prevents

Some Workers’ Compensation Relief: HB765

An omnibus regulatory reform bill (HB 765) has been ratified and sent to the Governor for signature.  The bill becomes effective upon becoming law.  It contains a provision which addresses a problem with workers’ compensation that has emerged over the last couple of years.  The existing provision of the Workers’ Compensation Act of North Carolina

Does Every Business Owner Need to Be an Attorney? Who or What is an “Employee?”

Historically, most business owners understood that someone working for them was an “employee.” Further, “independent contractors” were infrequently used by the average business. However, times have changed. Administrative, benefit and regulatory costs related to employees have increased, leading business owners to search for ways to moderate these costs. Using workers who are not called “employees”

Ride-Sharing Law Headed for the Governor’s Signature

An Act To Regulate Transportation Network Companies has passed the Legislature and awaits the Governor’s signature.  Transportation network companies (TNCs) such as Uber, Sidecar or Lyft are a rapidly growing component of the public transportation business.  There have been a number of issues with TNCs that have been up in the air and now some

3 Reasons Why You Can’t Miss #iiancannual

Are you looking to grow, innovate, and invigorate your agency? Make an investment in your career as an insurance agent and the success of your agency by attending the 118th IIANC Annual Convention on September 20-22 in Myrtle Beach! NEW THIS YEAR: Thanks to our Presidential PARTNERS, we excited to announce a scholarship opportunity for

Progressive Home Advantage® Has Its Advantages

As part of the IIANC PARTNERS program, our Presidential PARTNERS are able to submit a guest blog posting to our blog, Insurspective. Please see below from IIANC Presidential PARTNER Progressive. Progressive Home Advantage (PHA), provided and serviced by ASI™ is an easy way to attract new and retain customers who are interested in bundling their

“When a Who is Actually A What”

This is the title of a recent article in an IRMI Update from the International Risk Management Institute, Inc. by Timothy P. O’Brien.  This article deals with the insurance issues arising from the ownership of a residence by an entity, such as a trust or LLC, rather than a person (or persons.)  Using entities to