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FAQs: Continuing Education & Licensing

Wouldn’t it be helpful to have links/answers to the common questions the IIANC Education department is asked everyday? Are you ever frustrated with searching to find the answers? We thought so! NCDOI – Agent Services Continuing Education Lookup (course offerings, providers) Free Email and Address Update Free Individual National Producer Number (NPN) Lookup Lookup for Continuing

On the Road Again… with Dee Yates

DocuSign – Saves You Time and Money! As I travel around the state visiting with our member agents, I’m always excited to share a new product or service that’s available through their IIANC membership. Lately, the product that is striking a lot of interest with agents is Docusign, the leading solution for electronic signature in

Workers’ Compensation Reminder

A question came up recently about corporate officers and workers’ compensation. If you have a small corporation with three corporate officers and no other employees and the corporate officers want to opt out of coverage, is the corporation still required to buy a workers’ compensation policy? We believe that answer to be yes? We are

What is eSignature?

Over the years we have used pen and paper to authenticate a document with our signature. One of the most recognized signatures is, of course, that of John Hancock on the Declaration of Independence.

Why Attend This Year’s Annual Convention?

Still on the fence about attending this year's Annual Convention? Take two minutes out of your day to see what some of last year's attendees had to say about the 2013 Annual Convention! Bet you won't be on the fence much longer... We will see you in October!

5000 Websites: What Have We Learned?

I just completed a very informative webinar with Laird Rixford, President of ITC. ITC partners with IIANC to help agents create effective websites and manage their digital presence. Laird spoke on the evolution of website development.

Reflections from the Office Next to the Corner Office

This past week we said goodbye to Kelley Erstine who had been IIANC’s Chief Executive Officer since October 2008. Kelley is returning to Arkansas to become Chief of Staff to the President of the University of Central Arkansas, his alma mater. It is a bitter-sweet moment.

There is a New Sheriff in Town!

Within the last year, there is new leadership at the North Carolina Industrial Commission (NCIC).  The new Chairman has been tasked with the responsibility and funded to increase compliance with the statutory mandate to purchase Workers’ Compensation insurance.  The Compliance and Fraud Investigative unit at NCIC has substantially increased their staff, and new intelligent software

Top 10 Reasons Why You Should Attend the Young Agents Conference

10. Meet fellow Young Agents from across the Carolinas 9. Leave your business suit at home… and bring your bathing suit instead! 8. A free Friday afternoon will give you the chance to enjoy all that Myrtle Beach has to offer! 7. Learn from informative sessions… AT THE BEACH! 6. Network with company representatives in

Scanning: Which Method is Best For Your Agency?

Scanning has been a hot topic during many of my recent agency visits.  Many agencies are reviewing their current scanning procedures while others are just beginning to examine the scanning process.  Over the years, three major scanning workflows have developed for acquiring documents into our management systems.  Many agencies want to know which method is