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How Do Consumers Find

  Many of us might wonder, “How do consumers find” Without the huge million dollar marketing budgets of the direct writers, how can we compete in the digital world? Well, continues to expand their knowledge and expertise in the world of search engine optimization (SEO) and digital marketing to drive consumers to the

How to Improve Local Search

If you have not noticed, local search has become the dominant way search engines are displaying search results.  One of the main reasons for this approach is the massive amount of smartphones and tablets that are being used by consumers for on-demand searching.  Just take a moment and think about how we find information. Today,

Does My Agency Need a Security Plan?

Over the past decade, our industry has focused on disaster, perpetuation, workflow, and operational plans.  Each of these serves a purpose and is crucial to agency operations.   Security planning is no different.  As insurance agents, it is our responsibility to make sure that we protect our client information to the best of our ability.  Advancements

Funds Transfer Coverage: What Happened to Our Money?

Funds Transfer (FT) coverage has been an optional coverage under the Commercial Crime Form for a number of years.  In the last few years, FT coverage has been combined with the older Computer Fraud coverage option into a single optional coverage.  Given the ever-increasing use of electronic transfer of money and the ever-increasing dangers in

Why WOULDN’T We Join the IIANC PARTNERS Program?!

A guest post by Robb Crosswhite, CIC, CPIM – State Sales Director, UPC Insurance While sitting here making plans for 2015, I notice all the times in 2014 that my calendar had notes about IIANC.  What a help it has been for UPC Insurance to be a Presidential member of the Big I Partners Program!

Great Ideas for Gathering More Reviews for Your Website & Social Media

As social media has begun to dominate our lives over the past few years, online reviews have become an important factor in how we select products and vendors. Consumers looking for an insurance agent to meet their needs is no different. As independent agents, we need to take the time to establish a strategy for gaining

A Word from Your IIANC Chairman

My good friend, Stuart Powell, says that the membership’s view of what the IIANC does on a daily basis is like living across the street from a major distribution plant. The membership always sees the trucks go in and then leave the premises, but you really never know much about what happens inside the building

Reflections from the Young Agents Committee Chairman

A guest post by: Josh Lipstone, Chairman of the North Carolina Young Agents Committee   As I sit here typing this… We are less than a week away from Thanksgiving and the beginning of the holiday season.  I have many things to be thankful for this year and one of them is being the Chairman

Trusted Choice Logo or Independent Insurance Agents Logo?

Are you taking advantage of the Trusted Choice logo or are you still using the Independent Insurance Agents logo?  In my travels all over North Carolina, I still see many agencies advertising and using the old red/black, oval Independents Insurance Agents logo.  While I understand that logo has been a big part of our growth and history, the decision

The Power and Value of Association

Several years ago, IIANC developed a slogan for the Association that said “You May Be An Independent Agent, But You’re Not Alone.”  As I begin to reflect back over my forty plus years as an independent agent and serving the independent agency system in North Carolina, I am struck by a realization.  One of the