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Publically Available Workers’ Compensation Insurance Information

There has been a lot of attention to workers’ compensation in the last year.  One of the issues regularly discussed is the need for public access to worker’s compensation insurance information.  The North Carolina Industrial Commission has been a repository of such information for some time but access has been limited.  Now there is a

North Carolina’s Archaic Insurance Rate System Unique in U.S.

Guest post from IIANC Chairman of the Board David Purinai, AAI, CIC, CRM. David’s opinion piece was originally printed in the Rocky Mount Telegram on 3/9/13. _____________________________________________________________________ Which is less expensive? One scoop of ice cream for a dollar or two scoops at $1.50? If you listen to some of the voices in Raleigh who

Court Case Making Waves in Workers’ Comp Markets

A recent court case from the North Carolina Court of Appeals, Gonzalez v. Worrell, et. al., that was issued in late June of this year is already making waves in the workers’ compensation markets.  There are two issues addressed in this case that are covered in two respective white papers dealing with general contractor/subcontractors and

Lessons Learned from Irene

Two interesting discoveries have arisen during the aftermath of Hurricane Irene. First, apparently some insurance companies do not understand that when they write essential property insurance in Coastal North Carolina excluding wind, they are responsible to adjust the wind claim on behalf of the North Carolina Insurance Underwriting Association (Beach Plan). This responsibility is clearly set

North Carolina Isn’t In the Top Eight…or the Bottom Eight

“How’s your wife.  Compared to what.”  Henny Youngman For once, being in the middle of the pack may be a good thing. Sperling’s Best Places, who publishes city rankings on different criteria, has put out a map of the riskiest places to live and the least risky places to live. They have merged hazard maps from NOAA, The

Recurring Hot Insurance Topics: Auto Policies & Condos

This is my first shot at blogging. I am probably more comfortable bloviating than I am blogging. However, there are a number of technical insurance issues that have cropped up over the last several months that I would serve up for comment or discussion. The first is the question of ownership of the autos that