Top 10 Reasons You Should Be Using Social Media

1.  Your Grandmother is doing it.
Yes, even your grandmother is doing it.  Grandparents across the country are signing up for Facebook accounts to do what you might ask. Why see their grandchildren, of course! Yes, social media has made it possible to see grandchildren growing up and be a part of their lives no matter the location or distance. This gives your agency the ability to market services that pertain to families with a newborn, children getting their license, going off to college, etc.

2.  Remember your mom’s birthday. 
Can you even imagine forgetting that special day?  Social media allows you to be notified of special dates in your life. Once notified, you can easily wish your mom or anyone else happy birthday from your Facebook page.  Now I would not recommend wishing your spouse happy birthday over Facebook – that is better accomplished in person. But from a business perspective, this is an excellent way to have a simple touch point with your customers.

3. Keep up with your agency’s reputation.
If you don’t think people are talking about your business on social media, think again. Today, social media provides the ability for happy or disgruntled customers to post their feelings about your agency online. Keeping up with this information is important for the agency so you can respond as needed.

4. Promote your agency’s community service involvement.
Most of the time, people are not aware of the community service projects your agency performs. Placing information on social media helps to inform the community not only of your service, but the needs of your community.

5. Share what you had for dinner.
Well actually, I would not include this on my page, but many people love to share details about their lives. However from a business perspective, this “sharing” can help you obtain valuable information on clients or prospects so you can provide the correct policies your customers need. If someone is asking questions about a new motorcycle or sharing pictures of the one they just got, you have an opportunity to contact them about a policy.

6. Find your long lost high school friend.
Locating people within your former list of friends or business associates has become much easier with the adoption of social media.   Even the ability to see your friend’s “friend list” is a great way to reconnect and also find potential customers.

7. Find new friends.
As mentioned above, you can easily determine if one of your business friends is a friend of someone at another company you would like to meet. You can request an introduction on social media or simply ask your friend to setup a lunch meeting with the person you would like to meet. Many people are using LinkedIn every day to meet new business associates.

8. Brand your agency.
Yes, branding – that wonderful term we learned in Marketing 101. Branding your business is essential in today’s fast moving social media environment.  You should post information on community service, staff, award, and customer accomplishments as you become aware of these events. Let people know about your agency and what you are doing in the community.

9. Produce inexpensive commercials.
By using a smart phone with video capability and a YouTube account, you can create simple informational videos to post on your social media site. Gone are the days where you had to pay a production company thousands of dollars and then work with your local television station to play them during a given show. Now you can post these online for free. Customers can find the videos they are looking for and get the answers they need.

10. Engage your customers.
Yes, we must engage our customers. With Facebook approaching 1 Billion users and other channels like Twitter, LinkedIn and even Pinterest growing rapidly, your business needs to develop a social media strategy if you have not done so already. Customers today like the ability to go online and find information quickly when they want it. Just the other evening, I received a question from a client on social media and was able to respond back immediately providing prompt customer service.

Now, all you have to do is just get started. As IIANC’s automation and technology specialist, I can help your agency develop a social media plan or take your existing one to the next level. Contact me at with questions.

Does your agency have a social media plan? What have you found to be the most beneficial part of being active on social media? If you’ve held back on setting up a Facebook account or starting to Tweet, what are your reservations? Any social media tips to share? Let us know in the comments.

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