Is Your Website Working for You?

AC13_fulllogo_colorHave you ever stopped and wondered if your website is really working for you?  How many times have we as Independent Agents invested in advertising or marketing efforts without tracking the results?  Tracking your marketing and advertising is a must if you want to make sure your efforts are worth the investment.   Working with your agency website is no different.   Laird Rixford, VP of ITC, and I will be discussing ways to improve your website and track it for your desired results at the 116th Annual Convention in October.  Here are some of the topics we will be covering to help make your website work for you:

1. Google Analytics – Setting up Google Analytics allows you to see how many people visited your website, how many pages they visited, length of time on each page, and other valuable data.

2. Online Rating – Today’s customers expect the ability to quote auto and home policies from your website.  They may or may not purchase over the web, but they do want the capability to review pricing and coverages.

3. Customer Service – Have you ever had a client call asking for an auto ID card because they were pulled over by a State Trooper and did not have the information?  Having the ability to gather this information from your website and send it to them electronically is essential.

4. Blogging – A lot of agencies will say they do not have time to blog.  Speaking from experience, I can relate to that statement.  However, there are options available for agents where they can select insurance-related blog topics and post them on their own website without having to write anything! During our presentation you will learn the importance of providing regular blog posts.

5. Agency Newsletter – Communication with clients and prospects is a must!  Understand how to quickly produce and schedule monthly newsletters informing your clients and prospects on information they need.

6. Social Media Integration – Social media is a new form of communication that has exploded over the past few years.  Understand the importance of communicating with social media and the importance of putting your agency brand on this form of media. You will also learn how to link your website with your social media channels.

7. “Keep it Fresh” – Just like grocery shopping for the best produce, your customers want to see fresh topics and ideas on your website.  Learn how easy it is to update your website and keep it fresh.

See you at the convention!

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