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deeBy: Dee Yates, IIANC Marketing & Sales Representative (dyates@iianc.com)

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ifinance logo for web - smallerifinance is not just about financing….it’s also an opportunity to offer an alternative payment plan that fits your customers’ needs and pocketbook!  This could help you improve retention, attract new clients, and ultimately, write more business.

Through the ifinance program, many agencies have been able to retain policies that they may have otherwise lost because they were able to offer a creative and more flexible payment option. Recently, an agent had an insured who could not afford the 25% down payment with quarterly installments on a standard $40,000 workers’ compensation policy. ifinance made it possible by funding it at 15% down with seven monthly installments…and we adjusted the APR downward. The agent sold the policy, and the customer was happy!

Another insured had to be placed in the NC Assigned Risk Program. Unfortunately, their only option of 25% down and quarterly installments presented a hardship for the insured. ifinance helped the insured breathe easier by offering 15% down and eight monthly installments. And likewise, other insureds placed in the NCJUA have benefited from ifinance payment plans with lower down payments and more installments.

So take another look at ifinance ….in tough economic times, we can help you and your insured with more flexible payment options! Contact me at dyates@iianc.com or 919-863-6545 to get your agency started with ifinance.

What is ifinance?

ifinance is IIANC’s customized premium finance program developed specifically for our members. Through a careful selection process, ifinance has identified two of the top premium finance companies in the country as partners in this program – Imperial PFS & Prime Rate/AFCO Premium Finance. Our goal is to offer a product to enhance even your best insurance program, giving you a competitive advantage in the marketplace. We will be flexible and responsive to your needs.

By participating in this exclusive IIANC member benefit program, agents can assist personal and commercial lines clients in achieving a more affordable insurance program. Revenues generated by ifinance go directly to support member programs and help keep your membership dues low. Get started and experience the ifinance difference today. Learn more here.

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