There is a New Sheriff in Town!

Within the last year, there is new leadership at the North Carolina Industrial Commission (NCIC).  The new Chairman has been tasked with the responsibility and funded to increase compliance with the statutory mandate to purchase Workers’ Compensation insurance.  The Compliance and Fraud Investigative unit at NCIC has substantially increased their staff, and new intelligent software is in place to gather data from available state records to help identify employers who are not in compliance with the statute.  If any agents encounter employers who have received letters, invoices or notices from the NCIC alleging non-compliance with the Workers’ Compensation statute, we would appreciate a contact by phone or email describing the situation.  We are trying to monitor the new enforcement efforts of the NCIC.

We believe that the new enforcement efforts of the NCIC are a positive development and will aid agents in their efforts to encourage businesses to follow the law.  IIANC is formulating proposed legislation for the next session of the Legislature to further enhance enforcement and simplify the requirement to purchase Workers’ Compensation insurance. These efforts should support agents and reduce the E & O risks associated with Workers’ Comp insurance.


E. Stuart Powell, Jr., CPCU, CIC, CLU, ChFC, ARM, AMIM, AAI, ARe, CRIS
Vice President



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