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DocuSign – Saves You Time and Money!

As I travel around the state visiting with our member agents, I’m always excited to share a new product or service that’s available through their IIANC membership. Lately, the product that is striking a lot of interest with agents is Docusign, the leading solution for electronic signature in the industry today.

ESignature is not brand new, but it’s really taking off. I don’t think there is an insurance agency in business that will not be using eSignature within the next two years! Are you old enough to remember when the fax machine was introduced?  At the time, we laughed and thought it was a passing idea or we could just run to the nearest post office and use their fax machine! But, it didn’t take long before every agency had one, and we couldn’t operate without it.  I predict eSignature will be the same!

Last week, IIANC’s Automation & Technology Specialist George Robertson wrote a great blog post explaining eSignature and the Big I’s special endorsement of Docusign. To follow up on George’s post, I wanted to share some real life examples of agents who are using Docusign and can’t imagine conducting business without it now.

A few weeks ago, I visited an agency who raved about DocuSign.  Working in both real estate and insurance, they told of a closing where the insured ended up in the hospital the day it was scheduled.  From his hospital bed, the insured signed 20 documents on his smart phone, and they were done in 15 minutes.  The closing went on as scheduled, and the agent never left his office!  He advised that probably 70% of his signatures now are done with DocuSign.

Another agent shared an instance where he needed a form signed that day, but the insureds were on vacation in Europe. But no worries, using DocuSign they signed the document using their laptop and neither missed a beat!

One last example is an IIANC member with several locations in the North Carolina Mountains.  A good percentage of their insureds live out of state, but own property locally. The agency said DocuSign has made their lives easier and saved a ton in postage because they can conduct business with their out of state customers with ease. They said they would not want to be without it!

Docusign offers big savings…on money and time! You’ll save on postage, paper and shipping costs. And you will definitely save time by no longer having to print and mail/scan or email documents to insureds. There is no driving to the post office to overnight something or playing phone tag with a customer to try and obtain their signature that day. And most importantly, it reduces your E&O exposure by requiring that all fields are completed and the documents securely stored.

Go to www.docusign.com/IIABA to learn more and receive the exclusive discount for Big I members.

Has your agency signed on with Docusign? We would love to hear in the comments how using eSignature has changed your business for the better.


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