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Many of us might wonder, “How do consumers find” Without the huge million dollar marketing budgets of the direct writers, how can we compete in the digital world?

Well, continues to expand their knowledge and expertise in the world of search engine optimization (SEO) and digital marketing to drive consumers to the website, and what they’re doing is working. is already breaking previous traffic records this year with 416,000 consumer visits to the site in January and February 2015 alone! Here are a few of the ways consumers are locating every day.

Landing pages – Answering everyday insurance-related questions that consumers have helps to generate more traffic and helps consumers better understand insurance and the value of the independent agent. Believe it or not, these pages generate more visits than the home page for

Organic Search – By providing landing pages with answers to common insurance-related consumer questions, this helps to increase the results for within an organic search. These search results appear below the paid search items within an internet search such as Google. Consumers are more likely to visit an organic result than paid results.

Social Media –’s Facebook page has over 61,000 likes, not bad for an independent agent site. Within this social media platform, has the ability to share information on insurance products and the independent agency system, thereby promoting and increasing the potential for more leads.

Freedom Campaign – Yes, we do advertise the Trusted Choice both across North Carolina and nationally. I am sure you have seen the Freedom Campaign ads in some of your local newspapers or even on TV. This is helping to increase our brand awareness and promote the website. Also within this campaign are digital and social media ads that are generating additional visits to to “Find an Agent” or “Get a Quote”.

Keywords – Over time, has focused their efforts on improving the status of their keywords to appear on the first page of many potential consumer search requests. Achieving a first page status improves the likelihood a consumer will click on the link, sending them to a landing page focused on the specific topic. One such example is searching for “Better Tow Truck Insurance”. appears on the first page and once the link is clicked, it takes the consumer to a landing page focused on information regarding tow trucks.  This gives the consumer valuable information on the topic they searched as well as the ability to type in their zip code and locate an independent agent nearby who can assist them with purchasing the insurance they need.

Today, we are faced with multiple avenues of communication with our clients and potential customers. So, we as Independent Agents must continue to adapt in order to reach our potential markets.

As stated by Paul Martin, State Association Liaison for, “Our values have not changed, just our methods.”

Embrace and work on improving your own social media and digital marketing plan.

GeorgeRobertson(1)For more information on starting a social media and digital marketing plan, contact George Robertson, IIANC’s Automation & Technology Consultant at

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