The Auto Endorsement Vs. The Specialized RV Policy

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RVIt’s easy to endorse your customers’ RV policies onto their auto policies, but when you compare the two, there is a big difference in coverage. Did you know the auto endorsement only covers the travel trailer when it is attached to the car? If your customer has a claim at his campsite, he could be in for a big disappointment. Windshield coverage, Vacation Liability, and Personal Effects Replacement are a few more options your customer probably wants, and doesn’t have access to on the auto endorsement.

Now let’s talk about the claims experience. If your customer has a specialized RV policy, it typically comes from a carrier who can offer a claims adjuster who is familiar with an RV. Progressive has a training facility specifically designated for our claims team to learn hands-on about RVs and travel trailers. In the stressful moment of reporting a claim, your RV customer is going to want someone who’s knowledgeable.

Your customer is paying for coverage. Make sure it’s the coverage they want and need.

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