Google Goes Mobile… Have You?

On April 21, 2015, Google announced they are now measuring websites based on mobile-friendly access. Ok, so, what’s the big deal? What does this mean to you?

In case you haven’t noticed, most people now have smart phones, tablets, and yes, even smart watches.  Gone are the days of looking up your information in the Yellow Pages.  Now we search for information by typing or even speaking into a mobile device. Instantly we receive several responses to our inquiry.  If your website is not mobile ready, then the consumer will have a difficult time finding you in the information they are retracting. Your website should have mobile capability that allows the consumer to view and access the information on their phone without a lot of effort.

Let’s take a moment and discuss a few examples of mobile readiness.  You are traveling and need directions to your destination. You make an inquiry on your mobile device and the information appears in a mobile-ready interface.  This allows you, at the click of a button, to retract the address and send that to your mapping application so that your mobile device can give you quick and accurate directions, preventing you from having to re-enter the information.

Next, maybe you just need to make a simple phone call to your client.  You make an inquiry such as “Need Phone Number for ABC Corporation in Raleigh, North Carolina”. You will see the information appear on your mobile device with a selection to click-to-call.  You press the button and your mobile device makes the call. This prevents you from having to retrieve the information, write it down and re-enter it into your mobile device.

Over the next few months, if your website is not mobile-ready, you will begin to see a drop in your overall ranking on Google Search.  Take the time now to reach out to your website provider and make sure your site is ready for this new requirement.  Not only will you improve your ranking in Google, but your customers will be happy you made the change.


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