5 Insurance Industry Trail Blazers You Must Follow in 2016

YoungAgentsThis blog post is part of a series written by members of the IIANC Young Agents Committee.

Guest Post By: Josh Lipstone – Lipstone Insurance Group, Cary, NC

We are at a very serious crossroads in the insurance industry today. Some may argue we are still a few years away, but I personally believe they are being naïve about the state of our industry.

The good news is that there are people who are taking a stand to make sure that the independent insurance agent is here tomorrow.

I want to introduce you to five companies/agencies/individuals that you should be following right now. These five are trailblazers in our industry today and people that should become your insurance role models.

Now I need to be upfront with you and tell you that these five people are also personal friends of mine. Now we only became friends because I was willing to take the initiative, recognize what they were doing, and reach out to contact them myself. So please let me introduce you to Chris, Chris, Jason, Joey, and Ryan.

Chris Langille.pngChris Langille, Advisor Evolved
The first company/person I want to introduce you to is Chris Langille of Advisor Evolved. Advisor Evolved is a website, branding, and SEO company that will take you and your agency to the next level. (Full disclosure this is who I use for my agency’s website.) In my opinion, Chris and his team have put together the best product for the independent insurance agency. Chris is an insurance agent himself so he knows and understands what it’s like to be in our shoes. Think of Chris as the independent insurance agency for websites. I would highly encourage you to check out his website, read his blog, and contact him to discuss your website needs.

Chris paradisoChris Paradiso, Paradiso Insurance & Paradiso Presents
Community involvement is something that we all talk about, and do a little bit of, but no one does community involvement like Chris Paradiso, owner of Paradiso Insurance and Paradiso Presents. Chris is a proud supporter of the military and our veterans and does so through Flags from Paradiso Insurance. The week of Flag Day, Chris gives away the United States of America flag to the people in his community who have flags that need to be replaced or for those that don’t have a flag to fly. This is just one of the many different initiatives that Chris and his agency do in their community. And just as giving as he is to his community, he is as giving to insurance industry through Paradiso Presents. Paradiso Presents is the insurance agents guide to today’s complex online marketing world and where Chris helps other independent insurance agents to be successful.

Jason cassJason Cass, The Insurance Alliance & Grow Program
Jason Cass is the owner of the The Insurance Alliance and Grow Program. Jason is a former Chairman of the National Young Agents Committee, and he recently wrote his first book called Customer Service is Just Foreplay. He also has a great podcast called Grow Podcast that you can subscribe to through iTunes and Stitcher. Jason was a producer working for two different insurance agencies before beginning his own agency. Jason provides the wisdom, insight, and knowledge that will help make your sure your agency is still here in 2020. (**Meet and learn from Jason in person at IIANC’s InsurEXPO16 in February where he will be leading two breakout sessions. Learn more.)

Joey_Giangola_2Joey Giangola, Giangola Insurance Agency
When it comes to video marketing there is no one better than Joey Giangola of the Giangola Insurance Agency. Joey focuses primarily on health insurance and has discovered the power of video marketing, specifically You Tube, as the main driving factor for his success. Joey utilizes tools to track how his clients find him and when someone emails him he knows how long they’ve been following him and what pages of his websites they’ve visited. Video is something that every agency needs to use, and we should all strive to emulate what Joey has done.

Ryan HanleyRyan Hanley, Agency Nation
If you haven’t heard of Ryan Hanley by now, you may be living under a rock in your insurance agency. Ryan is a former agent who worked in his father-in-law’s agency in upstate New York for many years. When Ryan left the agency he began his own marketing company and wrote his first book, Content Warfare. Because of the success Ryan had and being a trailblazer in our industry, he was hired by Trusted Choice as Head of Marketing. He now runs Agency Nation for Trusted Choice which provides a wealth of knowledge for independent insurance agents. Ryan is the co-host of Agency Nation Radio with Marty Agather, which is another great podcast to subscribe to on iTunes or Stitcher.

These five individuals are people who I look up, try to emulate, and seek out for guidance. If you want to make sure that your agency stays relevant and that you’re still around in 2020, then you need to follow these five individuals.

Now that I’ve told you who I look to as my role models in the insurance industry, I’m curious who do you look up?  I know insurance agents like to keep the information as secretive as possible, but you have to remember that a rising tide raises all ships. So please comment below, let me know who I should be following, and together we will continue to make this the greatest industry God ever created!

Lipstone, Josh (2)Josh Lipstone joined his family’s agency, Lipstone Insurance Group in Cary in 2008. He concentrates in assisting small and medium size business with their Property, Liability and Workers’ Comp insurance needs. Josh is Immediate Past Chairman of IIANC’s Young Agents Committee and was named IIANC’s Young Agent of the Year in 2013 and 2015. Josh has a business degree from Lee University.

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  1. Great choices!
    One person your readers should definatelly look up is Mike Stromsoe and his Unstoppable Profit Producer program. He is simply amazing and a fellow insurance agent that understands our needs as he faces them every single day.

  2. Thanks Josh for including me. We independent agents need to work together and pay it forward together we are stronger and hope agents continue to work with each other. Our competition is direct writers not other independent agents. Thanks again Josh for the kind words

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