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I have worked in the Insurance industry my entire adult life.  I was taught at a young age the importance of education and professional development.  Insurance agents are not always viewed as professionals such as your CPA or attorney.  Why?  I have never understood this. What we do as insurance agents is incredibly powerful.  We are professionals and should be viewed as such.  So how can you differentiate yourself?  We have the program for you – coming to Cary. 

We partnered with Scott Addis, thought-leader and CEO of Beyond Insurance to bring the Trusted Risk Advisor certification – TRA.  The Trusted Risk Advisor program was developed by Scott and the IIANC professional development taskforce. It is built upon a proprietary risk management process that enabled Scott Addis to be recognized as one of the 25 Most Innovative Agents in America with an $11 million revenue book and a 95% hit ratio.

This certification will differentiate you with insureds, carriers, centers of influence, and in your community through the quality of education, knowledge, and diagnostic process you possess.  

Read more: Trusted Risk Advisor Brochure

To earn the certification and the right to use the TRA mark, you must complete four sessions:

February 26, Session 1: Goodbye, Agent and Broker.  Hello, Trusted Risk Advisor

May 21, Session 2: The Art and Science of Discovery…Leading to Strategy

August 20, Session 3: The Risk Advisor… Implementing Programs to Move Away from the Transactional Sale

December 4, Session 4: Creating a Differentiated Customer Experience Journey through the TRA Process

Think seriously about taking your career to the next level.  We hope to see you soon!

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