No One Wins Selling ‘Status-Quo’

The following blog post is by Jeff Roy, CEO of Excalibur Insurance, who is one of our keynote speakers at this year’s InsurEXPO19. Like what he has to say? Make sure you’ve registered for this can’t-miss event… it WILL sell out!

In every category, thinking differently is the underlying catalyst for evolving the customer experience, and being rewarded with a tribe of raving fans.  

Uber doesn’t think like a typical taxi company.

Airbnb doesn’t think like a traditional hotel chain.

To become top of mind as Agents & Brokers, we too must sharpen the nail and rethink our capacity for creating value.

A Quick Reality Check

1.On average humans have the attention span of a mosquito.

On average we’re bombarded with 10,000 messages per day. It stands to reason, that if your story sounds and smells like everyone else you will be punted to the curb. How do you create a story that cuts through the rhetoric?

2. Indifference is the enemy of growth.

Every day it gets harder for your agency to stand out and win the battle for attention. If the only differentiator is price in the mind of the customer we become disposable.  How do you create an experience that inspires attachment?

3. Lack of time means missed opportunities.

As agents and brokers, most of us know trying to fill a teacup with a fire hose is next to impossible, but we do it every day. How can you leverage ‘under-the-hood’ technology and systems to empower customers and allow employees to work smarter?

In 2013 we acknowledged these realities as an Excalibur Team and decided to do something different. We realized the need to anchor a story in the mind of the market, as well as providing innovative learning opportunities for our people that would allow us to live our story. We also moved beyond the idea of existing to simply sell and service policies like the majority of competitors in our category. And while we appreciate that insurance companies are our partners, we also had to find a smarter way to compete. 

More specifically, we went looking for ways empower and enable customers – and provide them with out-of-the-ordinary interactions and options. We knew technology played a key role, but agreed that it must be wrapped in a human-to-human connection that consistently showcased the values we refuse to compromise. Over the past five years we have been on mission to better align our agency with a changing world and an evolving consumer.

At Excalibur Insurance Group we exist for one reason – to champion people.

The Digital Experience (Jeff Roy – Keynote Session)

The Digital Experience begins by highlighting the mindset required as an agent to reinvent your agency experience. It challenges agents to think through the lens of attracting customers to an amusement park, and what it takes to keep them coming back. It also demonstrates how agents need to control all the touch points on the client journey, rather than the insurance companies. Transparency is key when it comes to helping like-minded people improve, which is why agents need to be taken behind the curtain.  Everything is shared; including benchmarks, systems, processes and our technology stack – all of which accelerate your ability to turn strangers into raving fans faster.

Evolving the Employee Experience (Una Roy – Breakout Session)

Evolving the Employee Experience highlights the key elements in Excalibur’s ability attract and champion people internally. While many of us as Agents become consumed with the client experience – we forget to fuel and engage our own people internally. When people feel valued beyond a paycheck the customer also feels the love and energy. From attracting the right talent, onboarding, creating accountability to increasing the fun factor – Una shares the recipe that has led to better candidates, higher retention and increased engagement scores.

Building a Kick Ass Digital Marketing & Sales Blueprint (Jeff Roy – Breakout Session)

Does your agency have a digital marketing plan that allows it to kick ass and grow? This session provides the tools and tactics to cut through the noise, measure, and grow your online results. Are you using SEO, social media, webpage optimization, display ads, blogging, content, email marketing and other tools to generate conversions? Learn what Excalibur Insurance Group is doing to generate 800 to 1000 leads per month.

Looking Forward

Una and I are always learning from our American insurance friends and look forward to sharing a few laughs in April at IIANC’s InsurEXPO for the above sessions mentioned. The only way we get better is by learning from each other and working together to raise the bar, which is why this conference will rock.

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