A Day in the Life: Adam Petrey

This is the second installment of a new series on our blog called “A Day in the Life,” where various IIANC staff members will be documenting what a typical day looks like for them – from start to finish! The following post is from Adam Petrey, IIANC’s Data Analytics Manager. Enjoy!

6:00 AM

The alarm goes off and I hit the ‘off’ button and close my eyes and start to think about my “to do list” for 2 minutes and then fall back asleep.

6:10 AM

The 2nd (more annoying) alarm goes off and I get up out of bed and read my current devotional lesson for the day (currently the Book of James) and ponder how I can incorporate today’s lesson about “false wisdom” in my life today…

7:00 AM

I grab my laptop, and a hat, and head out the door! The drive to work can take anywhere from 35 minutes to an hour… but today is an hour day!

8:00 AM

I start going through the e-mails that came in overnight and answering questions from staff, as well as current members. I am the Data Analytics Manager for IIANC, which means I am in charge of the database that houses all of our member information. Through additional training, I am still learning about how to best utilize our membership database to help our members be successful.

9:00 AM

Our newest hire comes into my office and asks me how she can look up some information in our database. I walk her through the process of the best way to find our members with the contact information she has. Which reminds me… have you logged into www.iianc.com and updated your e-mail address lately? If not please at a moment to click the above link and it will bring you to the following page:

Please take a moment and update your information for us. If you need any assistance, myself or Angela Cruickshank will be happy to help you log on.

11:00 AM

Time for a conference call with IntellAgents, a data analytics organization focused solely on the independent agency system in the U.S.  After listening to our members, we have found that many of you want to know what the appropriate salary would be for a staff person working in your agency so you can be competitive and attract some of the best talent in your area.  The IntellAgents salary survey is completely confidential, and by completing the survey, you are helping us determine a current competitive wage in the industry.  Today our call is to discuss our “Regions.” One of the things I like about my home state is we are so diverse, but makes it hard to sometimes compare one agency to another. The goal of the survey is to not take an agency in Wilmington and compare it to the average agency in Charlotte. With your help, you can help us tell you what the best salary is for a position in your area in your agency.  Today, we are drawing the map to help make the salary survey accurate for your specific area. Please take the time to sit down and complete our survey. You may do so by clicking here. I think you will find it only takes about 20 minutes to complete the survey.

12:00 PM

Time to break for lunch! I am fortunate that we have a great park nearby. During my lunch, I like to go for a walk to help clear my head and give myself a mental break. Today is no different and the weather is perfect for a walk on the trail.

1:00 PM

Time to start studying for my Associate in Insurance Data Analytics. I have always valued education and I want to become well-versed in all things data. Today’s study time includes some interesting insight into Artificial Intelligence. Did you know right now some stock brokerage firms have computer programs that scan all media outlets on the internet for information on companies, products, and prices, etc?  This data is then fed into a computer trading algorithms that conduct trading of stocks and bonds faster than a human user could.

3:30 PM

Time to wrap up from studying and get ready for my next conference call about our membership database. In an ongoing effort to stay on the cutting edge, we are currently working through the process to install the newest version of our database. One of the new features is that once you register for a class, you will be able to “Click here to add to your Calendar” button so you won’t have to worry about missing our event. I hope to be able to provide this feature in the next few weeks so be on the lookout for it.

4:00 PM

One of the next big projects that will soon come to completion is the ability for you to ask us questions 24/7 (even if it is at 3 AM on a Saturday morning!) We are currently in the testing phase of our Chat Agent that will be on our website. You will be able to ask our Agent questions such as: How do I join IIANC? Do you offer online classes? Etc. This will allow you to get the answers you need when you need them. If you were to ask a question that can “stump” the Agent, someone on staff will be e-mailed your question and we will respond to it as soon as you can. Be on the lookout for this soon!

5:00 PM

Time to head home! Traffic looks to be good so I’ll be home by 5:45 today, which will give me enough time to do my favorite thing: ride my bike on the Greenway. I try to ride 6-7 days a week and ride between 15-25 miles daily. I am proud to say that on my bike (which I’ve had for just a few years) has just crossed 10,000 miles which is a feat I thought I would never be able to do!

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