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The following blog post was written by Delwin Clark, of Trapp Insurance Group in Cary, NC. Delwin currently serves as a member of IIANC’s iLEAD committee.

Agents throughout the country work hard every day to find the competitive edge to gain and retain clients, whether it’s the growth of their network, or becoming an expert of multiple products. Gaining the competitive edge has become more accessible due to the seemingly never-ending advances in technology. What if you were able to afford your clients the opportunity to save money by using the technology available by our appointed carriers? Needless to say… the future is here!

Carriers such as United Healthcare, Allstate, Progressive, and Nationwide have all claimed their space in this digital age as we all know that insurance has become more than premiums and deductibles. Technology has afforded us (humans) the opportunity of accessibility and flexibility in the vast majority of our lives as it has now become relevant to the insurance world. Agents now have the opportunity to provide their clients the best coverage at the best pricing while transferring the opportunity to reduce price to the client. How? Through interactive tools.

Interactive tools are electronic devices (Fitbits, search engine plugins, etc.) that communicate usage data between the insured and the carriers to help identify risk. With this technology, clients can save on deductibles, premiums, out-of-pocket maximums, and renewals by enrolling in policies. For example, in health insurance, insureds can lower financial exposure by enrolling in a motion HSA plan that puts money back into the policy by hitting daily fitness goals. The development of interactive tools is what some may call much needed and would argue that it will further provide transparency for the insured. Overall, interactive tools are becoming more prevalent in insurance as it is a win-win for carriers, agents, and the insured. Lowering cost of insurance is on the minds of everyone as it is an expense… and we now have the power to control this expense. Agents should be excited to be able to offer modern products to their clients and reducing their costs.

Delwin Clark is a native of Raleigh, North Carolina, graduate of Wingate University’s Sports Management Program, and member of Kappa Alpha Order Fraternity. What brought him to the insurance world was the opportunity to better serve his local community by improving the lives of hardworking North Carolinians. Outside of insurance you may find Delwin in your local boxing gym, state park, or golf course!

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