A Day in the Life: Brad Faulkner

This is the third installment of a series on our blog called “A Day in the Life,” where various IIANC staff members will be documenting what a typical day looks like for them – from start to finish! The following post is from Brad Faulkner, IIANC’s Chief Financial Officer. Enjoy!


I hear a deep, loud barking sound coming from the living room…but I feel four small paws on my chest.  This doesn’t quite compute in my morning haze, but I quickly realize our 9 year old Yorkie, Brody, is standing on me while our 4 ½ month old Golden Retriever, Millie, is barking from her crate in the living room.  Wow – it’s 6:00?  She let us sleep in today!  Time to get ready for work, watch the puppy, and get out the door.  With a wife, 2 daughters, and Millie, I now rank 4th in the house.  Good thing Brody is still around so I at least out-rank one in the house.


Leave for work.  Most days it takes me about 45 minutes to get to the office with traffic, but not today.  Chaos on I-40, so Waze sends me on an alternative route…along with everyone else.


Finally sitting down at my desk after 1:15 in traffic.  Time to catch up on some email.  Someone pops in to my office to ask some questions about human resources. 


Most weeks this time is our weekly management team meeting, but this week it’s time for our monthly all-staff meeting.  Each department goes over their goals for the new fiscal year, we recap the Annual Convention with the staff, and I present the preliminary FY19 financials to everyone.  Towards the end of the meeting, it’s announced that we will be doing a Chili Cook Off in November and judges are needed.  I almost tear my rotator cuff raising my hand to volunteer.  Mmmmmm… chili…


Staff meeting ends, so it’s back to my office to finish answering emails.  We are looking to fill an Accounting Manager position, so I’m working up an offer letter.  Once that’s complete and sent off, it’s time to do a little accounting work… the annual audit is only a few weeks away.


Time for lunch, but a quick errand first.  I have to run to Lowe’s for a toilet fill valve… gotta project to knock out later this evening.  From there, I grab a quick bite to eat at Zaxby’s.  I really wish they’d bring back the Caribbean Jerk sauce.  Mmmmmm… chicken wings.


Back to the office for more accounting and emails.  I confirm our all-staff 401(k) meeting for Wednesday at 9:00am.  Dave Evans is coming in to go over our retirement plan with the staff.  It should be a good meeting for everyone to learn what they need to do to for retirement.  Around 1:30, I get this strange feeling that something isn’t right.  It’s at that time I realize that I haven’t had a single IT issue pop up all day.  As the liaison for our external IT team, I spend a lot of time helping to solve IT problems as they arise.


Time for our weekly Finance Department meeting.  We use this time to get together as a department to discuss what we all have going on and how we may be able to help each other.  Today’s meeting was very productive.


Need to wrap up a few things before heading out for the day to attend my daughter’s middle school volleyball game.  Her season is almost over, and part of me is looking forward to the regained time, but a bigger part of me is sad that I’ll only get to see her play 3 more middle school games.  Where does the time go?


Game starts.  I answer a few emails between sets.  She is playing against the best team in the conference.  They give them a good run, but come up a little short.


Time to head home, grab some dinner, and fix a toilet.  Two out of three successes…I break the overflow tube while replacing the fill valve.  This is what happens when accountants pose as plumbers.


Need to log in and perform the close day procedures.  I usually do this at 4:15 pm every day, but since I was in a gym watching volleyball at 4:15, I had to push it to late night.  While I’m in here, I may as well read a few more emails…

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