Get Low… And Go!

If you’ve been an IIANC member for awhile (or even just simply read our emails that go out)… you’ve probably heard of the term “Operation EDITH” at some point.

Since 1996, IIANC has promoted the Operation EDITH fire-safety program in North Carolina to encourage parents of young children to talk to their kids about fire safety and educate them on the life-saving importance of regularly practicing an Exit Drill In The Home.

(Get it? E.D.I.T.H.?)

Each year, IIANC has been fortunate enough to be able to print and ship FREE Operation EDITH materials to our members for distribution to schools, preschools and fire departments around the state.

Even if your agency didn’t take advantage of receiving these materials, we need the help from IIANC member agents to spread this important message in your communities during Fire Prevention Week in October.

How can you help? It’s easy.

  • Be sure to follow us all week on both Twitter and Facebook for helpful content that you can push out on your personal and agency social media accounts to help spread the message.
  • Encourage anyone with small children to download the Operation EDITH mobile app – it’s free and full of great, interactive games to help kids understand the importance of getting out of a burning house/school, what’s safe/not, and much more.
  • Wednesday, October 9th at 6:00pm is the official time for parents to exercise an Exit Drill In The Home – make sure you encourage your friends and family to practice a safe exit drill so you’re prepared in case of a fire!

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