A Day in the Life: LuAnn Wooters

This is the fourth installment of a series on our blog called “A Day in the Life,” where various IIANC staff members will be documenting what a typical day looks like for them – from start to finish! The following post is from LuAnn Wooters, IIANC’s VP of Professional Development. Enjoy!

12:15 PM – DAY ONE

I leave the IIANC office with class materials and head to Asheville.  I will be teaching a private class there (we refer to these as contract or in-house classes) for an agency.  This is the first time we’ve held a private class for this agency, so I’m very excited!

2:30 PM

I have a call with an agency about a training path for new hire and another call about CIC. Did you know that our Professional Development team receives over 300 calls from members and agents per month?  The calls and emails are usually concerning a variety of topics – class locations, designation requirements, mandatory Flood and Ethics, technical, etc.

4:30 PM

I arrive in Asheville and check in at the hotel.  We do not normally teach contract or in-house classes in a hotel, but this time we are due to the agency not having enough space in their office. I decide to go ahead and have an early dinner.

6:30 PM

I return from dinner and get out my laptop.  One thing about traveling – you’re always playing “catch-up”.  I respond to emails and try to handle anything urgent since I know I’ll be teaching tomorrow.

7:45 PM

Even though I have taught this course for several years, as an instructor, you always look over the course book and materials one more time before class the next day.  For this particular class, I’m teaching Dynamics of Service, which is one of my favorite topics to teach.  We review personality and behavior styles of clients and prospects, as well as coworkers.  It’s fun and interactive… and not just a lecture. 

9:45 PM

I’m tired and turn out the lights.  (Now if I could only turn off my brain and sleep!) Sometimes it’s hard to sleep because our team is extremely busy.  Last year, we held over 200 classes in over 30 cities with over 5600 attendees.  There are a lot of moving parts!  It takes a village to make this all happen!

6:30 AM – DAY TWO

The alarm goes off.  Time to get up and get ready.

6:55 AM

I go out to the car and gather the books, projector, etc… basically everything that I need to teach a successful class!

7:00 AM

I return to hotel classroom and unpack all of my boxes, setup my laptop and projector, and put all of the course materials out and get the iPad ready for registration check-in. I make sure the classroom is setup correctly and food/drinks are there for attendees.

7:30 AM

Students begin coming in.  I greet them and have them sign the IPad so we are able to track their attendance.

8:00 AM

I begin teaching promptly at 8.  At the first break of the morning, I have to check the registrations and make sure everything is correct.

12:00 PM

Lunch time!  For me, that means go to a quick drive thru, then come back to the classroom.  I usually eat in my car or in the classroom. With any leftover time that I have, I try to catch up on a few emails.

1:00 PM

The class returns, and I begin teaching once again for the afternoon.

4:00 PM

Luckily for me, this class does not have an exam at the end so I can leave at 4:00.  (If there is an exam, I don’t leave until approximately 5:15.)  I pack up class materials, the projector, etc and load the car… and start to head home!

8:15 PM

I finally arrive home and am done (literally) for the day.  Good night!

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