Get Appointed with Attune. Write a Policy. Get $300.

Do you know about IIANC’s IMS program?

Attune is a tech-driven commercial market that specializes in unique risks for IIANC members. They offer an online portal that allows you to quote, bind, and issue policies in as little as 3 minutes – completely online and paperless. You can access Attune’s products DIRECTLY through IMS.

There is no better time than right now to book your very first policy with Attune… Why? Because you’re now able to earn a $300 gift card for the first policy you book from now through December 31, 2020. Get some help with your holiday shopping this year – you’ll have the option to select gift cards from places like Amazon, Target, Walmart, Best Buy and more!

Attune currently offers full binding access for its 3 admitted products – BOP, Commercial Excess and WC. They specialize in some unique class-codes in NC: Restaurants (w/ liquor), Artisan Contractors, Commercial LROs (strip malls, shopping centers), Retail Stores, Wholesalers, and Processing & Services Business (Salons, Barbershops, etc.). For agents with risks close to the water, Attunes’ BOP can get within 1,000 feet of the NC coast and include wind!

Want to learn more about Attune? View a recorded webinar that reviews underwriting guidelines and Attune’s rating portal. You have the ability to quote, bind and issue in just minutes!

There is no premium commitment to get set-up and Attune gets you set-up to quote in as little as 2 business days.

Plus, new Markets are now available through our IMS Program. You can learn more by visiting our IMS Website.  

Any questions? Contact Gina Stallings for details.

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