NCDOI Bulletin: CTR Data Collection Required by G.S. 58-36-30(e)

The following bulletin was distributed by the NC Department of Insurance to all property & casualty insurers writing nonfleet private passenger motor vehicle physical damage and homeowners insurance coverage in North Carolina.

The purpose of this bulletin is to notify your company of the semi-annual reporting requirements for insurance covering loss to nonfleet private passenger motor vehicle physical damage and homeowners residential property with not more than four housing units (all forms excluding HO-
4 and HO-6).

The information and data requested by NCDOI in this semi-annual Data Call only applies to companies that issued Consent to Rate policies during the period 7/1/2020-12/31/2020.

The reply submission should be submitted no later than March 15, 2021.

If companies that have not written any consent to rates of the above mentioned coverages during the above mentioned period, do not need to comply with this data call.

For the instructions and forms, please access this link on the Department’s website.

Please make no modifications to the excel file XXXXX_2020_2_CTR_58-36-30(e).xlsx, except to input information/data.

If you have questions concerning this bulletin, please submit via email to

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