Trusted Choice® Pays You Back for Advertising

Last month, we kicked off this series to give IIANC members a closer look at the many marketing and advertising resources available through the Trusted Choice branding program. For our first “deep dive”, we’re going to talk about the FREE MONEY you can get through Trusted Choice!

Everyone loves to save or get money back, and I’m sure your agency is no different! With the Trusted Choice Marketing Reimbursement Program (MRP), your agency could get over $2,000 back in 2021 for marketing-related projects that your agency is probably already doing (or should be!)  The MRP is available to all IIANC member agencies (certain criteria do apply).

  1. Cobranding with Trusted Choice when you advertise (up to $1,500 available) – Your agency can get up to $750 back when you use the Trusted Choice logo on any consumer-facing items (like agency signage, ads, business cards/stationary, community sponsorships, promo items/giveaways, etc.) or when you use the customizable Trusted Choice ad campaigns. There is a really good chance that your agency is already spending money on these things or will have the opportunity this year. If so, make sure that you cobrand with the Trusted Choice logo or use one of the pre-done ads, and you can get up to $750 back! (Note – This is only available to new members and agencies that have not fully utilized this part of the MRP in the past.)

    Your agency could also get another $750 back for any digital marketing efforts that include the Trusted Choice logo or ads. This includes paid advertising on TV, web, social media, etc.  This is a new MRP feature in 2021 so ALL IIANC members are eligible, even if you’ve received MRP funds in the past.

  2. Digital upgrade to build or improve your website (get $500 back) – An agency website is no longer a “nice to have”, but it’s a “must-have” in today’s digital world. Consumers are starting their search for everything online…and their insurance agency is no exception! If your agency doesn’t have a website or it’s time for a refresh to make sure the site is modern and offers a great customer experience, this part of the MRP can make that more affordable for you. Trusted Choice has partnered with five top website vendors to offer great websites at very discounted rates AND you can get another $500 back. Each vendor offers something a little different from price point to service level to website functionality, so you can select the one which will be the best fit for your agency. A new website no longer has to cost you thousands of dollars!
  • Advantage Subscription (get $125 back)– Don’t let your agency miss out on direct referrals for new personal and/or commercial lines business! Let me say it again for those in the back…consumers today are shopping for everything online and that includes their insurance!! Through, the #1 online resource for connecting insurance buyers with independent insurance agents, thousands of qualified online referrals are being sent to Big “I” member agencies every day. Make sure your agency doesn’t miss out by signing up for an Advantage Subscription. And with the MRP, you can receive $125 back for your annual subscription this year.

So to sum things up…No matter whether your agency is a start-up or has been in business for many years, you still need to be promoting your agency IN YOUR COMMUNITY and ONLINE!

While advertising and developing your marketing strategy can seem complicated and does cost money, it’s a necessary investment in the growth of your agency. Your IIANC membership can make that easier and more affordable with the Trusted Choice Marketing Reimbursement Program.

Please don’t miss out on taking advantage of this great member benefit in 2021!  Learn more here, and as always reach out to IIANC with any questions or guidance on getting started.

Like what you see? Learn more about “Putting the Trusted Choice Brand to Work” in our Know & Grow Wednesday Webinar from June 9. Visit to access the on-demand recording now.

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