InsurAcademy’s Inaugural Class: a Huge Success!

Our inaugural InsurAcademy class was completed in May and it was a tremendous success! A lot of hard work went into the planning and execution of our initial Academy. We awarded 42 scholarships and had 16 that completed the 5-week course consisting of pre-licensing education and live instruction. We had a very diverse class, with a mix of gender, ethnicity, occupations, career changers, stay-at-home moms, agency referrals, and a veteran. We graduated 9 Certified CSRs that were P&C licensed and completed all of the required instruction. Of the 9 that were certified, 4 were outside of the insurance industry. We scheduled them for interviews with our member agencies that had current openings and we are proud to say that all of them were hired within 3 weeks of graduation! That’s a 100% rate of success for our licensed graduates. Additionally, we surveyed the students at the conclusion of the Academy and we received a 92 Net Promoter Score! That is outstanding! (We did as well receive constructive feedback that will be implemented in our next class).

We are looking forward to our next scheduled Academy that begins on August 23rd, 2021. The format will continue as 100% virtual. Our mix of instructors includes a wide variety of industry professionals, CE Instructors, agency owners, a Professor from a local major University, and members of our association staff. This course will be 6 weeks ending with Graduation on October 1st. We are currently accepting applications for this next class! If you have a candidate that you would like to send to the Academy, contact Mike Allison, Director of InsurAcademy at or 919-389-6594.

Some of the feedback from students and agency owners:

“I wanted to take a minute to let you know how well [student] is doing!  She is a wonderful addition to our agency and has learned a great deal since completing the InsurAcademy.  This was such a wonderful opportunity for her and for us! Thank you again. Could you let me know if/when you guys plan to offer this again?”

– IIANC Agency Owner

“Thanks again for offering InsurAcademy.  IIANC offers us so many wonderful resources.  InsurAcademy is truly one of the best resources available when you consider the assessment, licensing, and initial CSR training.  There is an ever-expanding void in our industry due to so many people retiring.  That fact coupled with the need to find and retain quality new employees necessary for organic growth in our agencies underscores the value of InsurAcademy.”

-IIANC Agency Owner

“Thank you for all you and IIANC have done to put InsurAcademy together. It was exactly the opportunity that I needed in my life to get out of a job and into a career.”

-May Academy Graduate

“I wanted to say THANK YOU for a great experience with InsurAcademy. It was great to meet so many enthusiastic people affiliated with IIANC and I feel confident about starting my career soon. Please let me know if I can help future InsurAcademy students in any way. This program helped me as a stay-at-home mom heading back into the workforce and I’m really grateful.”

-May Academy Graduate

“I have a couple of people that I’d like to refer to InsurAcademy. They’re both college-educated but also looking for a career change like I was.”

-May Academy Graduate

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