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In this month’s deep dive into the awesome marketing resources from Trusted Choice, let’s look at how you can easily boost the activity and engagement on your agency’s social media channels with the help of the Trusted Choice monthly content calendar. And like all of the advertising tools available to IIANC members from Trusted Choice, this one is FREE, too!

Social media is a critical component of your agency’s marketing. It’s important that you not only have an account on social media channels like Facebook, Instagram, and/or Twitter, but that your agency is actually pushing out relevant and helpful content on a consistent basis. This will help you stay engaged with your followers and is a great opportunity to educate them on important insurance issues and possibly generate some new business leads. If a prospect is interested in your agency, it’s very likely that they’ll look for your agency online and probably stumble on one of your social media accounts. The last thing you want is for a potential customer to see that you haven’t posted since July of LAST year! Avoid that by making sure that you’re sharing posts at least weekly, if not more frequently. And Trusted Choice has taken the guesswork out of what you should post with their social media calendar.

Each month, Trusted Choice makes available an updated calendar to help you plan your agency’s social media posts using their wide variety of ready-to-use content. The calendar outlines a few posts for each week focusing on personal and business coverages or related topics. You can pick which posts are best to run for your agency and schedule on the days of your choosing each week. The calendar takes into account holidays or other events to make sure the posted content is timely and relevant to your followers throughout the year. With Trusted Choice providing the exact copy to use in the post as well as a direct link to download the professionally designed graphics, it really is as simple as “plug and play”. If you really want to take your agency’s social media presence to the next level, you can easily brand these ready-to-go social media graphics with your agency’s info/logo using a site like Canva (free subscriptions are available).

New calendars are released one week prior to the start of a new month. Then, it’s as simple as setting yourself a reminder to download the new calendar each month and spend a little time scheduling everything on your social media channels. Utilize scheduling features on Facebook to plan out these posts in advance so you can just set it and forget it. If your agency is active on other social media platforms like Instagram and Twitter, it is a good idea to consider utilizing a scheduling tool so you can plan and monitor all of your posts in advance. (There are a lot of options available so just Google “social media management tools” to find one that works best for your needs and budget.)

Visit to learn more and start planning out next month’s social media content for your agency now!

For additional social media content that is free to our members and ready to use, take advantage of IIANC’s PSA campaigns on fire safety, distracted driving, and hurricane season. It’s easy to help us spread the message on these important initiatives with the provided content calendar, verbiage for posts, and professional graphics. Learn more here.

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