IMS Series: Why Coterie?

Independent Market Solutions (IMS) was established to facilitate the relationship between carriers desiring to write coverage and IIANC member agents that are unable to receive company appointments due to volume commitments, location, or other factors. The ultimate goal of IMS is to equip IIANC member agencies with the markets and resources they need to grow and thrive in the marketplace. In this new series, we will release a post showcasing each of our participating IMS carriers. This week: Coterie!

Information from the Carrier

What if small commercial insurance could be easy?​

Coterie Insurance was born from this simple idea… what if small commercial insurance could be fast, easy and affordable? However, commercial insurance today is anything BUT easy. Agents and brokers are spending way too much time and effort on small business insurance policies and not making a profit because traditional insurance carriers have antiquated systems and processes. ​

Why? Think for a second… How many different types of businesses and trades are out there? Millions. Then, think about all of the risks associated with each and every one of those businesses. Bottom line – small commercial insurance is complicated.​

Coterie set out on a mission to simplify these complexities through data, technology, and insurance expertise – to meet small businesses where they are and to enable their trusted advisors with the tools they need to better serve each unique business faster and more profitably.  ​

Is ensuring small businesses the coverage they need to grow easy to deliver?​

How much is your time worth?​
Embrace the easy with Coterie Insurance.

More on Coterie Insurance:

Coterie offers the most expansive risk appetite for the small businesses of today. Through our platform built for independent agents & brokers, we offer admitted products written on EXCELLENT A or A- paper, with competitive pricing, and national access with coverage in 48 states and counting (without any production requirements, added fees, or hidden costs). 

Coterie writes 80% of the small commercial market including startup, pre-revenue & home-based businesses!

  • Know if your client is in-appetite in 1-2 minutes
  • Issue a policy in 4-5 minutes
  • No more “we’ll get back to you” – 90% less time servicing your small business clients
  • Policy documents are generated and delivered instantly
  • Direct billing – all in the same platform
  • Access to an accessible, friendly and knowledgeable support team

Check out these up-to-date Producer Resources for a demo of the Coterie platform and to access what’s new in appetite, download policy documents, view coverage maps, and so much more!

Programs Available

Business Owners Policy (BOP), General Liability (GL), Professional Liability (PL)

Commission Rate

For BOP/GL/PL: 15% new and renewal
For WC: 12% new and renewal *Coming soon in 2021

Market Availability

BOP/GL/PL is available in all states except NY, MA, NJ, DC

Agency Agreement

The Coterie agency agreement is between Independent Market Solutions (IMS) and the carrier. When you agree to and e-sign the sub producer agreement during this application process, you also agree to the instructions, guidelines, policies, and procedures contained in the agency agreement.

Read the Agency Agreement



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