IMS Series: Why RMS?

Independent Market Solutions (IMS) was established to facilitate the relationship between carriers desiring to write coverage and IIANC member agents that are unable to receive company appointments due to volume commitments, location, or other factors. The ultimate goal of IMS is to equip IIANC member agencies with the markets and resources they need to grow and thrive in the marketplace. In this series, we will release a post showcasing each of our participating IMS carriers. This week: RMS!

Information from the Carrier

What RMS brings to the table:

Brokers love RMS Hospitality Group because we know the hospitality program insurance industry and take their time and our reputation seriously. Insurance brokers benefit from the highly integrated knowledge of RMS HG’s underwriting, claims, legal, and back-office operational strengths. Our competitive commissions to brokers make us attractive, but the ease of working with our specialists is what is really compelling. Our competence and collaboration reduce resubmissions and errors and help you get your applications through the system quickly.

Stand Out:

Our automated platforms are smooth and user-friendly, and we help you understand what will and won’t fly with underwriting. At every turn, you will find RMS HG staff to be helpful, knowledgeable, responsive, accurate, and engaged in your clients’ specific needs. Our national reach brings expertise to underwriting higher-risk businesses.

Programs Available

General Liability, Liquor Liability & Assault & Battery for Hospitality Risks are written with Clear Blue Specialty and United National Group. Franchise Food General Liability and Property plus WC are written with Crum & Forster Specialty Insurance.

Commission Rate

Clear Blue Specialty General Liability 10% new and 10% renewal.
United National General Liability 10% new and 10% renewal.
Crum & Forster General Liability, Property, and WC 10% new business and 10% renewal.

Market Availability

General Liability, Liquor Liability & Assault & Battery for Hospitality Risks is available in all states except for VT and the District of Columbia DC. The Franchise Food package is written in all 50 states.

Agency Agreement

The RMS HG agency agreement is between Independent Market Solutions (IMS) and RMS Hospitality Group. When you agree to and e-sign the sub producer agreement during this application process, you also agree to the instructions, guidelines, policies, and procedures contained in the agency agreement. Note some programs and Excess and Surplus Lines.

Read the Agency Agreement



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