IMS Series: Why V3?

Independent Market Solutions (IMS) was established to facilitate the relationship between carriers desiring to write coverage and IIANC member agents that are unable to receive company appointments due to volume commitments, location, or other factors. The ultimate goal of IMS is to equip IIANC member agencies with the markets and resources they need to grow and thrive in the marketplace. In this series, we will release a post showcasing each of our participating IMS carriers. This week: V3 Insurance!

Information from the Carrier

V3 Insurance Partners is a Managing General Underwriter for National Liability & Fire Insurance Company (NL&F),  which is a Berkshire Hathaway Company, AM Best rated   A ++ XV.  Check us out online at    

  • State of the art technology combined with a professional human touch . Our agents has access to WC raring, quoting and binding 24/7.
  • Remarkably fast turnaround time – You control the amount of time it takes to process  your quote and bind the business, (not the underwriters ) 
  • Our broad appetite includes over 500 class codes with  nation-wide availability and supports multi-state risks.
  • Very wide reach into the Middle Market sector…eligible  premium sizes from $3,500 to  $200,000
  • Eligible ex -mods from .70 to 1.69

Programs Available

The V3iconnect Comp Program is a state of the art internet Based Workers’ Compensation program designed for single and multi-state risk with full online quote and bind capabilities.

Small to medium-sized employers, With premium ranges between $5,000.00-$200,000.00.
V3 accepts New Ventures in all industries other than Construction.
Experience mods between 0.75 and 1.69 – other mod ranges is a referral
A wide range of industries including but not limited to construction, servicing, and manufacturing

Commission Rate

Commission rate is 8% new and renewal

Market Availability

The is a nationwide program that is available in all states except Alabama

Agency Agreement

The V3 agency agreement is between Independent Market Solutions (IMS) and the carrier. When you agree to and e-sign the sub producer agreement during this application process, you also agree to the instructions, guidelines, policies, and procedures contained in the agency agreement.

Read the Agency Agreement


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