My InsurAcademy Experience: Cena Chivis

The inaugural InsurAcademy class was completed in May and it was a tremendous success! As a part of celebrating this achievement, we’ve reached out for personal stories from our students. As we receive their stories, we will be releasing them as posts to showcase the unique and diverse backgrounds of our InsurAcademy graduates.

      I found out about InsurAcademy through while I was looking for better customer service positions. Prior to InsurAcademy, I was working from home doing customer service for a Realtor Showing Service. I felt fully supported by the InsurAcademy during the application process, while taking classes and after I finished. Mike Allison and I corresponded several times during that time and he was always very helpful. The program fit easily into my schedule since I worked the second shift from home.

     The job search literally took no time at all. I graduated on Friday – got an email on Saturday about a position and possible offer, did a phone interview Sunday, and after the in-person interview on Monday, I was hired. I felt prepared to ace my interview. (I actually interviewed with another independent insurance agency as well and was offered a position with them, too.) During both interviews, I informed them that I was newly-licensed and eager to learn. I felt as prepared as I could. Every agency is different in regards to how they operate and I’m still training. It takes a couple of months to get fully acclimated. 

     I have and will continue to recommend InsurAcademy to other people looking for a new career. It is a great opportunity to get trained in the insurance field. The job outlook in this industry looks really good. I’m still getting emails from agencies that are interested in talking to me about positions they have available!

Cena Chivis

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