IMS Series: Why Heritage?

Independent Market Solutions (IMS) was established to facilitate the relationship between carriers desiring to write coverage and IIANC member agents that are unable to receive company appointments due to volume commitments, location, or other factors. The ultimate goal of IMS is to equip IIANC member agencies with the markets and resources they need to grow and thrive in the marketplace. In this series, we will release a post showcasing each of our participating IMS carriers. This week: Heritage!

Information from the Carrier

A Sustainable Path Forward

As we emerge from the turmoil of the COVID-19 pandemic, Heritage Insurance is excited about our future in North Carolina, and we are working hard to position ourselves as a stable, long-term partner for independent agents across the state.  Despite challenges resulting from several years of unprecedented severe weather activity across the Southeast, Heritage has maintained our strong financial position, and we have taken targeted steps to improve profitability through sustainable pricing, strong frontline underwriting, and balanced distribution of risk across all regions of North Carolina.  Combining competitive products, straightforward underwriting, and outstanding claims service from our own Catastrophe Response Team, as well as a network of local emergency response specialists and contractors, Heritage is well-positioned to help agents navigate a volatile residential property market, offering preferred HO3, HO5, HO4, HO6, and DP3 products across NC, including coastal territories.   All Heritage products are available on a standalone basis, with no supporting business required, but companion policy discounts are available for supporting policies written in your agency; in addition, ID Fraud Expense, Service Line and Equipment Breakdown endorsements are included on every Heritage Homeowners policy, at no cost to the insured.  Heritage is proud to be a Presidential Partner with IIANC and excited to be a part of the Independent Market Solutions program.  As we bring our current agency partners up to speed on our new agent rating platform, we’re taking a pause on new agency appointments right now, but please let your IMS representative know if you’re interested in a potential Heritage partnership, and they can advise you when the time is right to move forward.  All our best for a successful finish to 2021!

Programs Available

Homeowners (HO3), Homeowners (HO5), Condo (HO6), Renters (HO4), Dwelling Fire (DP3)

Commission Rate

Homeowners (HO3, HO5)
Condo (HO6), Renters (HO4)
Dwelling Fire (DP3) – 14%/12%

Market Availability

Most counties are currently open. However, some inland zip codes, mostly in the Charlotte and Raleigh area, are closed.

Qualifying agents must demonstrate:

  1. established books of business with three year profitable loss runs
  2. minimum of five new business applications per month

Agency Agreement

The Heritage Insurance agency agreement is between the Independent Market Solutions (IMS) and the carrier. When you agree to and e-sign the sub producer agreement during this application process, you also agree to the instructions, guidelines, policies, and procedures contained in the agency agreement.

Read the Agency Agreement



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