Attract Top Performers to Your Agency: What You Can Learn from the 2021 Candidate Experience Report

Finding and hiring quality talent continues to be the top challenge for IIANC member agencies year after year. And thanks to a post-pandemic shortage of applicants, it is harder than ever to fill open agency positions. It is essential that small business owners (independent agencies included!) focus on creating a great candidate experience to attract quality talent.

What Is the “Candidate Experience”?

Candidate experience can be defined as the experience a candidate has with a potential employer throughout the hiring process, from job posting to job offer. CareerPlug, IIANC’s partner in simplifying and automating the hiring process, recently released the 2021 Candidate Experience Report, which gives some great insight into what employers can do to improve the candidate experience and make the right hires.

CareerPlug surveyed 500 people who have applied for jobs within the past 12 months across different industries (one of which was Insurance & Financial Services) and analyzed their answers about their experience during the hiring process to answer one basic question: Does candidate experience actually matter?

It’s no surprise that the answer is YES! Insurance agencies are always focused on improving the customer experience and when you’re in hiring mode, creating a positive candidate experience is just as important. What you do (or don’t do) during the hiring process will ultimately impact a candidate’s decision to accept or decline a job offer.

Read some of the key findings from the report and also download the complete report here:

Insurance Agencies Take Note

Insurance agencies should make sure to check out page 14 for a really interesting finding for the Insurance industry…

98% of job seekers in the Insurance & Financial Services industry rated “atmosphere of the workplace” as a “very important” or “important” factor influencing their decision to join a company. 

2021 Candidate Experience Report

What Does This Mean for Agency Owners?

People are retiring from the insurance industry at a high rate, and we have to recruit beyond the current agency workforce to fill these positions. The insurance industry is like a hidden secret because it’s a great place to work, especially in independent insurance agencies, due to the job opportunities and career growth, potential to earn high income, flexibility, job stability and the chance to give back and make a difference in local communities. But agencies have to make a strong effort to appeal to job seekers who are earlier in their careers and do a better job of telling the story of the many advantages of a career as an independent insurance agent. Agencies must focus on becoming a great place to work and then showcase your employer brand throughout your hiring process.

So How to Get Started?

Improving your agency culture or incorporating your unique brand doesn’t have to be difficult. IIANC can help if your agency needs assistance overhauling your hiring efforts. Our business consultant, Jason Sabo, can help with all facets of the process from effective recruitment to the successful onboarding of new hires. IIANC members should contact Jason to take advantage of your agency’s free hour of consultation to get started today. Members can also access Jason’s free online course, High Performing Agency Employees: How to Attract, Onboard and Retain Staff.

Learn more about all of IIANC’s staffing solutions here.

Ready to Hire Now?

And if you’re ready to bring a new employee on board now, Jason can help expedite that process for you.

He will work with your agency to create a custom job post specifically designed to attract someone to fit your unique agency culture and the position by highlighting the benefits and value proposition of working for you. You will also receive a custom online careers page with staff photos and relevant information to showcase your agency. Jason will also train you on how to set up custom job links for posts on LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram, etc. and be able to track where you are sourcing your top candidates.

Contact Jason at or 919-377-1641 to learn more.

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