2022 Hourly Workers Compensation Expectations Report

The content summarized in this post originated from a CareerPlug blog, written by Shelby Palmeri, posted on February 21. Read the full article here.  

CareerPlug wants to help employers by matching them with the right people for their agency and giving them the tools to retain them. As part of this initiative, they have conducted research to help analyze both hiring and retention trends and have compiled it into the “2022 Hourly Workers Compensation Expectations Report”.  

Employers must work harder than ever to keep current employees, so CareerPlug staff surveyed a random sample of hourly employees to give their opinions on what employers can do to keep them satisfied in their current position. The goal of this report is to help employers understand their employees’ expectations to improve retention efforts. Some of the things included in this report are employee satisfaction, expectations for retention, type of benefits, and more. Here are some of the key findings:  

  • 26% of employees surveyed said that their income is not enough to cover all their living expenses and 27% of employees said their income is enough to cover living expenses — but not much else. 
  • 55% of all employees are currently seeking or will be seeking new employment in order to get a pay increase in 2022. 
  • 64% of those workers seeking an opportunity for a pay raise said they would stay at their current job if their employer gave them the compensation they were looking for. 
  • 67% said they planned to explore new industries or fields 
  • 53% of employees that are unsatisfied with their pay said they would accept additional benefits instead of a pay increase from their current employer. 

To read the entire report click here. 

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