Positive Impacts of Remote Working Environments

Incorporating a remote working environment can have many positive impacts on your agency. Three examples of positive impact are allowing your employees to conduct more business, building a better agency culture, and taking stress off your staff’s workload. At the end of the day, by incorporating remote work for virtual agents into your agency, a positive ripple effect will touch many parts of your operation. This will make your agency a better place to be a customer, employee, and manager.  

Business Operations 

The first major place many agencies see an impact after incorporating virtual work or virtual agents, is their business operations. As we all know, hiring is the number one challenge in our industry. However, many agencies are also currently struggling with retaining their staff and key players. Top level talent is attracted to remote working schedules, so creating opportunities for this in your agency is a great way to attract this talent while also boosting current staff engagement and satisfaction.  

When it comes to a new job opportunity, most people are looking for an organization that includes work-life balance, flexible work schedules, and remote working opportunities. If you want to set your agency apart from the competition and keep current staff happy, it is crucial to offer these things. Utilizing remote work allows you to scale your business and add to your staff without needing to invest in additional or larger office space. 

Company Culture 

The next area many agencies see an impact is in their company culture. Implementing remote work into your agency will help you build trust with your staff and give them the freedom to accomplish their goals. Personally, the days that I work from home are so important to me because I don’t have to worry about a commute or traffic. I get to eat breakfast with my two daughters and take my dogs for a walk at lunch. When my workday is over, I can walk downstairs and immediately engage in quality family time. The extra time I get to spend with my family and the work-life balance my remote schedule allows, is unmeasurable to me. The impact that incorporating remote working will have for current staff demonstrates to them that you, their boss, are focused on prioritizing their needs, which will help you build trust and rapport with them. 

Staff Workload 

Finally, by bringing in extra remote support, your staff’s workload will be relieved, freeing up time for other important tasks. For example, if you brought in a VA (Virtual Agent) to help the current CSRs with issuing certificates, what could they spend their extra time on? They would be able to build deeper relationships with their clients, instead of spending their time thinking about manually processing the work after they hang up. Giving them the chance to ask the clients about their weekend or family will create stronger client relationships and give them the opportunity to understand them better.  

These three examples of how incorporating a remote working environment will impact your agency are only the tip of the iceberg when it comes to the benefits. There are many other areas of your agency and agency operations that will thrive when you bring in remote work or virtual agents into your agency. If you have any questions or want help creating a game plan to start this process, we are here to help you! If you would like some guidance, please send me an email at jsabo@iianc.com. I look forward to hearing from you!  

This is the second post of Jason’s series about the benefits of a remote work environment at your agency. If you missed the first installment of the series, click here.

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