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Three Keys to Getting Noticed with Video

Video has become a powerful tool for attracting prospects to your agency. And while it’s important to have video on your website, social media platforms provide the biggest opportunity for getting attention from your ideal customers. Easy, right? Just create a video and post it on Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, YouTube, and Instagram. Sure, you can

Do You Really Need a Marketing Plan?

Several years ago I consulted with a start-up online company. The founder “Jack” had a grand vision to grow the company into a multi-national powerhouse. He even walked around singing “Billionaire” by Travie McCoy and Bruno Mars. (Yep, that was annoying!) Jack had plenty of vision and desire. He had even assembled an impressive group

What’s So Great About Digital Marketing?

Is digital marketing really the greatest thing since sliced bread? And what is it anyway? The term “digital marketing” refers to any marketing that uses the Internet or wireless technology to communicate a company’s message. For many years, agents focused on familiar media such as yellow pages, print ads, and perhaps television or radio ads.

Effectively Branding Your Agency

When arriving for a consulting day with an agency owner, I’m never sure what I’ll see. On this day I walked into an office in a resort town in the upper Midwest. The first thing I noticed were the dilapidated desks, piled high with papers. The lone employee was in sweat pants and a hoodie. She

The New Speed of Marketing

Several years ago when I moved my agency out of our downtown location, I took the opportunity to go through the boxes and boxes of agency records that had been relegated to the basement. One of the gems I found was a letter written by my grandfather to a carrier, relaying a question from a