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Getting Involved… Virtually!

The following blog post was written by Merritt Tongen, AINS, a member of the iLEAD (Young Agents) Committee at IIANC. How quickly things can change! IIANC’s iLEAD (Young Agents) Committee had planned lots of great networking activities in 2020 to connect with Young Agents around the state. We were really excited about a fun Happy

Creating a Learning Culture in Your Agency

The following blog post was written by MyAgencyCampus™, a site for agents and brokers seeking to onboard and develop staff with comprehensive coverage online courses, business skills and leadership modules. Continuous Learning…Skill Agility…Critical Thinking…Learner-Centered – It all starts with creating a Learning Culture where employees are encouraged, supported and motivated to seek learning opportunities.  This

Rollerblades and Parades: Spreading Joy and Withstanding the Pandemic

The following article was written by Owen Thomas, senior account executive at Dial Insurance Agency in Pembroke, NC. It was reprinted from IIABA with permission. How am I dealing with the coronavirus pandemic? Going into a new decade I was filled with energy and excitement. However, that was halted by the pandemic, the likes of

Your Remote Hiring Plan

The following post is written by WAHVE, Work At Home Vintage Experts, an IIANC-endorsed staffing provider. By all accounts, the pandemic-related work-from-home business model is here to stay, at least for the time being. For the most part, many companies were able to transition quickly, albeit not without some significant challenges. Yet now another significant challenge

Top 3 Tools You Need to Manage Remote Workers

The following post is written by WAHVE, Work At Home Vintage Experts, an IIANC-endorsed staffing provider. Today’s employees Zoom, Skype, Jabber, FaceTime, GoToMeetings and chat in Google Hangouts and Webexes. When they’re not videoconferencing, they’re emailing, collaborating in Microsoft Teams, and instant chatting on Slack. They’ve already got the tech tools they need to make it

Video Teleconferencing Hijacking (VTH) or Zoom Bombing Reported

Video Teleconferencing Hijacking (VTH) or what is now being called Zoom Bombing has started to increase with the numerous video calls being made due to the numerous states’ “Stay At Home” policies.  Zoom Bombing, as this has come to be known, is when an individual hacks into a video call to obtain proprietary information, disrupt

Think Before You Click: Beware of COVID-19 Scams

With the media consumed with COVID-19 information and the economic stimulus package passed by Congress, hackers are having a field day. What a great opportunity for hackers to engage with people during this stressful time. They are hoping to catch people off their guard and get them to click on a fake link or give out personal

Cyber-Security Tips for Working From Home

Over the past week, many agency owners have been searching for resources to setup their staff with a remote work environment due to the Covid-19 pandemic. As part of this process, we should take into consideration cyber-security techniques that will help to prevent a potential data-breach. Below are a few suggestions that should help your agency