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A Work of Insurance Art!

Some of you may know that my academic background and training was in religion and philosophy.  One of the areas of study in philosophy is aesthetics, which is essentially the study of beauty.  Mostly aesthetics focuses on the arts, i.e., paintings, music, poetry, drama, etc.  Rarely, if ever, is aesthetics mentioned in the world of

Get Educated in 2020

Is it really November already?  I know over the next two months everyone will be consumed with the holidays.  I admit it’s a hectic and fun time of year and sometimes stressful.  For the Professional Development team at IIANC, it’s also busy and hectic, but not because of turkey and decorations.  We are super busy

What Do Voters Want?

The common convention wisdom among pundits and analysts is that North Carolina will be among the nation’s most dynamic, volatile political battlefields in the 2020 election. The presidential contest, as well as the other key top-of-ticket races for US Senate and governor, are all currently assessed as highly competitive – these contests, with all the

Looking Ahead to the 2020 Elections

When candidate filing opens on December 2, the 2020 elections in North Carolina will be officially under way. That’s not to say we haven’t seen a fair amount of election-related activity in 2019, with several candidates having already announced their intention to run for various state and federal offices, as well as a few incumbents

Insurance Script Showdown: 3 Scripts to Make Your Cross-Sell a “Yes!”

The following blog post is from Agency Performance Partners, the company run by this year’s Young Agents Development Conference keynote speaker, Kelly Donahue-Piro. Don’t miss Kelly’s sessions at this year’s event – space is still available, so register today! Every agency I have met wants to boost cross-selling, but not all front line staff have

Get Low… And Go!

If you’ve been an IIANC member for awhile (or even just simply read our emails that go out)… you’ve probably heard of the term “Operation EDITH” at some point. Since 1996, IIANC has promoted the Operation EDITH fire-safety program in North Carolina to encourage parents of young children to talk to their kids about fire safety

2018-19: An Amazing Membership Year

That’s a wrap! Our 2018-19 membership year is in the books and it was certainly one to celebrate! Our members truly do make this membership gig an absolute pleasure. We feel so fortunate to have welcomed back over 95% of our current members during renewal time, and to have introduced 64 new agency members to

Preparedness for Independent Agencies

September is National Preparedness Month so it is timely to help members be prepared for disasters in North Carolina by shedding some light on the flurry of bulletins issued by the Commissioner of Insurance (COI) before, during and after a disaster event. IIANC frequently receives requests for clarification on these bulletins such as what triggers

How Does a Deductible Work?

I know this sounds like a very simple question, but over the years I have asked this question in classes and there has been some uncertainty in the answers I have gotten.  Let’s take a scenario.  We have a property insurance policy with a limit of insurance of $100,000 (it does not make any difference

10 Mistakes Insurance Agency Owners and Agency Leaders Make on a Regular Basis

The following blog post is by Billy R. Williams, Ph.D., a keynote speaker at this year’s AC2019. Don’t miss his legendary sessions at this awesome event – register today! I was recently teaching a class at a college where I am an adjunct professor and one of the students who had just passed their P&C