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What Do Voters Want?

The common convention wisdom among pundits and analysts is that North Carolina will be among the nation’s most dynamic, volatile political battlefields in the 2020 election. The presidential contest, as well as the other key top-of-ticket races for US Senate and governor, are all currently assessed as highly competitive – these contests, with all the

Looking Ahead to the 2020 Elections

When candidate filing opens on December 2, the 2020 elections in North Carolina will be officially under way. That’s not to say we haven’t seen a fair amount of election-related activity in 2019, with several candidates having already announced their intention to run for various state and federal offices, as well as a few incumbents

Be Aware. Be Supportive. Be Engaged.

The following blog was written by Bobby Salmon, Vice President of INSURE in Raleigh. He is a former Chairman of the IIANC Board of Directors and currently serves as North Carolina’s National Director on the IIABA Board of Directors. Last month I attended the 2019 Big “I” Legislative Conference in Washington, DC, along with 29

Dying Changes Everything: Brian’s Story

The following piece was written by Tammy Garlock, a woman who suffered the loss of her son, Brian, in 2008 due to distracted driving. Tammy has made it her mission to travel around the country and share Brian’s story, to hopefully urge people to stop this awful problem. I’ve met Tammy, and I’ve heard her

Why I Support Passage of a Hands-Free Law for North Carolina

By: NC Rep. Kevin Corbin (R – Macon) Rep. Kevin Corbin owns The Corbin Agency in Franklin, North Carolina, and Blue Ridge Insurance Group in Seneca, SC. Kevin’s wife, Beth, is active the management of the agencies. He is in his second term in the NC House representing the people of District 120, which includes

The 2019 Session of the NC General Assembly

With the start of the new year, it’s time for those who won their state legislative race in November 2018 to come to Raleigh and start … well … legislating! For the purposes of getting everyone officially sworn in to office, elect House and Senate leaders, and provide the ‘freshmen’ members orientation on the legislative

A Message from Aubie

People often ask me about my outlook for the insurance industry and the independent agency system.  Whether you see the expression “may you live in interesting times,” as a blessing or a curse, there seems to be little doubt that we do indeed live in interesting times. As one looks to the short-term future (three

Some Workers’ Compensation Relief: HB765

An omnibus regulatory reform bill (HB 765) has been ratified and sent to the Governor for signature.  The bill becomes effective upon becoming law.  It contains a provision which addresses a problem with workers’ compensation that has emerged over the last couple of years.  The existing provision of the Workers’ Compensation Act of North Carolina

Does Every Business Owner Need to Be an Attorney? Who or What is an “Employee?”

Historically, most business owners understood that someone working for them was an “employee.” Further, “independent contractors” were infrequently used by the average business. However, times have changed. Administrative, benefit and regulatory costs related to employees have increased, leading business owners to search for ways to moderate these costs. Using workers who are not called “employees”

Ride-Sharing Law Headed for the Governor’s Signature

An Act To Regulate Transportation Network Companies has passed the Legislature and awaits the Governor’s signature.  Transportation network companies (TNCs) such as Uber, Sidecar or Lyft are a rapidly growing component of the public transportation business.  There have been a number of issues with TNCs that have been up in the air and now some