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Insurance Script Showdown: 3 Scripts to Make Your Cross-Sell a “Yes!”

The following blog post is from Agency Performance Partners, the company run by this year’s Young Agents Development Conference keynote speaker, Kelly Donahue-Piro. Don’t miss Kelly’s sessions at this year’s event – space is still available, so register today! Every agency I have met wants to boost cross-selling, but not all front line staff have

How Being a Listener Increases Customer Satisfaction and Sales

The following is a guest blog post by The Omnia Group. Hear from them at a breakout session at this year’s InsurEXPO17. Naturally talkative people are fun, they’re engaging, we love to listen to them describe events and tell stories. They are colorful and expressive. Often, people tell them they should be in sales. And,

How to Instill a Sales and Growth Culture within your Agency

This blog post is part of a series written by members of the IIANC Young Agents Committee. Guest Post By: Cameron Annas, CIC – Granite Insurance, Granite Falls, NC Don’t we all LOVE to see revenue and profitability growth within our agencies?  While we all love to see this growth, according to Reagan Consulting’s “Organic Growth and

5 Insurance Industry Trail Blazers You Must Follow in 2016

This blog post is part of a series written by members of the IIANC Young Agents Committee. Guest Post By: Josh Lipstone – Lipstone Insurance Group, Cary, NC We are at a very serious crossroads in the insurance industry today. Some may argue we are still a few years away, but I personally believe they are being

Why Should I Track Retention?

An area that most successful agencies track is retention.  We always hear agency owners and partners talking about new business, but what about the retention rate? The retention rate is just as important as the rate of new business for the agency. For just a moment, let’s stop and think about this: if our retention

Top 10 Reasons You Should Be Using Social Media

1.  Your Grandmother is doing it. Yes, even your grandmother is doing it.  Grandparents across the country are signing up for Facebook accounts to do what you might ask. Why see their grandchildren, of course! Yes, social media has made it possible to see grandchildren growing up and be a part of their lives no

Engaging Your Customers with Social Media

In February, we hosted a webinar on “Engaging Your Customers with Social Media” and informed our agents of the millions of people now using this new type of communication.  Facebook has over 845 million users, while Twitter and LinkedIn are going strong at 150 million each.  Kelly Barefoot, a staffing consultant, informed us of the $800 billion dollar purchasing power of

Creating a Dynamic Website

Today, I am sure you will find that most independent agent websites tend to be more informational and brochure-like than interactive.  However, more and more people are looking for the ability to research, access their info, and complete business transactions over the Internet…and our customers aren’t any different – especially those in the Millennial Generation as

Are You Increasing Your Business With the Millennial Generation?

Have you taken the time lately to review your book of business by age groups? If so, you might have noticed that retaining or writing business with the Millennial Generation is lacking. Older generations have been more loyal and willing to take your phone call regarding purchasing an insurance policy, but this generation tends to be impatient and