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Social Media Is a Puzzle

Guest Post from InsurEXPO2020 Keynote Speaker Chris Paradiso. We all must admit that our customers and our prospects are on social media. So, my question to you is this: is it a good place to meet and communicate with prospects and/or clients? Let me give you five basic guidelines in helping you answer that question,

Three Keys to Getting Noticed with Video

Video has become a powerful tool for attracting prospects to your agency. And while it’s important to have video on your website, social media platforms provide the biggest opportunity for getting attention from your ideal customers. Easy, right? Just create a video and post it on Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, YouTube, and Instagram. Sure, you can

5 Insurance Industry Trail Blazers You Must Follow in 2016

This blog post is part of a series written by members of the IIANC Young Agents Committee. Guest Post By: Josh Lipstone – Lipstone Insurance Group, Cary, NC We are at a very serious crossroads in the insurance industry today. Some may argue we are still a few years away, but I personally believe they are being

Six Tips to an All-Star LinkedIn Profile

LinkedIn has become the standard social media platform for business leaders to communicate, collaborate, and engage new customers.  Developing your own personal profile is essential to reaching key business contacts, potential clients and finding new opportunities. LinkedIn allows you to share information about your interests, accomplishments, and experience through recommendations, skills, experience, groups and posts. 

Google Goes Mobile… Have You?

On April 21, 2015, Google announced they are now measuring websites based on mobile-friendly access. Ok, so, what’s the big deal? What does this mean to you? In case you haven’t noticed, most people now have smart phones, tablets, and yes, even smart watches.  Gone are the days of looking up your information in the

How to Stand Out & Get Found By the Modern Insurance Consumer

Modern insurance consumers have become expert vetters of professional service providers. This webinar, which was recorded last month, featured Ryan Hanley of Agency Nation, and discussed how independent insurance agents can stand out and get found by consumers searching online for the right insurance solutions. Ryan is the Digital Marketing Lead for and Managing Editor of

How to Improve Local Search

If you have not noticed, local search has become the dominant way search engines are displaying search results.  One of the main reasons for this approach is the massive amount of smartphones and tablets that are being used by consumers for on-demand searching.  Just take a moment and think about how we find information. Today,

Great Ideas for Gathering More Reviews for Your Website & Social Media

As social media has begun to dominate our lives over the past few years, online reviews have become an important factor in how we select products and vendors. Consumers looking for an insurance agent to meet their needs is no different. As independent agents, we need to take the time to establish a strategy for gaining

Trusted Choice Logo or Independent Insurance Agents Logo?

Are you taking advantage of the Trusted Choice logo or are you still using the Independent Insurance Agents logo?  In my travels all over North Carolina, I still see many agencies advertising and using the old red/black, oval Independents Insurance Agents logo.  While I understand that logo has been a big part of our growth and history, the decision

5000 Websites: What Have We Learned?

I just completed a very informative webinar with Laird Rixford, President of ITC. ITC partners with IIANC to help agents create effective websites and manage their digital presence. Laird spoke on the evolution of website development.